2 Massachusetts Missing Men Found Dead in Boston Storage Unit!

Lost: 2 DA: Two guys from Massachusetts were found dead in a storage unit in Boston. Authorities say the bodies of two missing Massachusetts men were discovered in a storage container in the Brighton section of Boston earlier this month.

The bodies of Pavel Vekshin, 28, and Kiryl Schukin, 37, a married couple from Medford, were found inside a unit at the U-Haul of Brighton on North Beacon Street early on Saturday morning, as announced by Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan on Sunday.

According to Medford police, the pair was reported missing on April 9 by friends and coworkers who said they hadn’t seen or heard from them since March 30. Both guys were recovered with multiple stab wounds inside rubber totes.

She claimed that Schukin’s dismembered body was discovered in several storage containers. In a storage locker at the U-Haul of Brighton on North Beacon Street in Boston on April 15, 2023, the bodies of Pavel Vekshin, 28, and Kiryl Schukin, 37, both of Medford, Massachusetts, were discovered.

For further information, see the associated tweets. The first tweet illustrated the reports when the two men were reported missing, and the second shows the news after they were declared deceased.

Earlier last month, both Vekshin and Schukin went missing. Medford resident Leonid Volkov, 37, was arrested and charged with one count of murder in connection with the murders of the couple; both victims knew Volkov. Thus, she believes he will face more charges.

Volkov, under the guise of Schukin, rented the Brighton storage container where the victim’s remains were discovered. Volkov-identifiable materials such as bleach and rubber gloves were also found there. The state’s chief medical examiner determined that Schukin and Vekshin were murdered.

The investigation revealed that Schukin had signed as a guarantor on Volkov’s Medford apartment lease. The district attorney claims that Volkov was forced out of the property when Schukin declined to sign on as a guarantor for a lease extension.

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According to Ryan, Volkov and Schukin likely met on March 29 in Vokov’s leased U-Haul truck. Video surveillance footage from the apartment building on Locust Street where Schukin was living allegedly shows a man matching Volkov’s description arriving and exiting in the days after Vekshin and Schukin were last seen.

2 Massachusetts Missing Men Found Dead in Boston
2 Massachusetts Missing Men Found Dead in Boston

The U-Haul vehicle that Volkov and Schukin were seen driving in Medford was located at the same storage facility in Brighton where their bodies were discovered. Volkov supposedly drove the truck full of the victims’ belongings from their Locust Street apartment to the storage facility.

North Attleborough police peacefully arrested Volkov on Saturday night. On Tuesday, he will appear in Somerville District Court for his arraignment.

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