2 Out of 3 Children Killed in Latest Airstrike in Kiev

Russian Ukraine War: 2 Out of 3 Children Killed in Latest Airstrike in Kiev

Three people, including two children, were killed in Russia’s latest airstrikes on Ukraine’s capital. According to local officials, eastern neighborhoods of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv were attacked, causing several casualties. Russian attacks during the night killed three people and wounded several others.

The incident on Thursday, which began at around 3:00 am local time (00:00 GMT), was the highest casualty in Kyiv in weeks.
A post on the Kyiv military administration’s messaging app Telegram reported the deaths of two children in the neighborhood of Desnyansky on the city’s eastern edge.

2 Out of 3 Children Killed in Latest Airstrike in Kiev
2 Out of 3 Children Killed in Latest Airstrike in Kiev

The military government telegraphed, “Among the dead in the Deshansky district were 2 children (aged 5-6 and 12-13).”

Initial reports indicated that Kyiv’s air defenses had successfully intercepted all incoming ammunition, although casualties remained from falling debris. According to officials, the effect was the same as if it had been hit by Russian cruise or ballistic missiles.

According to the Kyiv Independent, several explosions were heard in the city on Thursday morning, and the mayor, Vitali Klitschko, indicated that emergency crews were responding with Dnieprovsky, located close to the city’s epicenter.

According to a telegram sent by Klitschko, the damage also reached a medical center and several houses.

According to the city’s military administration, the Desnianskyi district was hit by debris from projectiles shot down by the city’s air defenses.

This is the 18th attack on the capital in the month of May and the first attack in the month of June.

Images taken to social media from the aftermath of an attack showed rescue workers assisting residents inside buildings as debris littered the street outside.

It was unclear at first what kind of weapons were utilized in the air attack. Given the short time between the air raid warning being declared around Kyiv and the hit, speculation on social media quickly shifted to the idea that it was a missile. For roughly an hour, people were on high alert.

Inna Sovsun, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, expressed her sadness over the “yet another missile attack” that took the lives of children.

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