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Battery problem delays Atlas 5 launch


The subsequent launch of United Launch Alliance’s Atlas 5 rocket with the U.S. Air Force’s fifth Advanced Extremely High-Frequency communications satellite, previously scheduled for Thursday, has been delayed to no earlier than July 9 to exchange a failed battery backup on the car.

In a press release on Sunday, ULA mentioned the launch was delayed “as a consequence of a vehicle battery failure found throughout closing processing.”ULA crews at Cape Canaveral had been preparing for liftoff at 8:27 a.m. Thursday with the Lockheed Martin-built nuclear-hardened, jam-resistant

AEHF 5 spacecraft designed to offer secure communications for the U.S. military and the president.

“Additional time is required for the technical team to finish the analysis of the difficulty and change the battery,” ULA stated in an announcement. A launch window for the Atlas 5’s launch alternative July 9 has not been introduced, however, the window is predicted to open at roughly 7:45 a.m. EDT (1145 GMT). The Atlas 5 rocket is assembled contained in the Vertical Integration Facility, or VIF, at Cape Canaveral’s Advanced 41 launch pad. Because the Atlas 5’s first stage arrived on the VIF final month, employees have put in the rocket’s Centaur higher stage, five stable rocket boosters and the Atlas 5’s payload shroud containing the AEHF 5 spacecraft.
The Atlas 5’s Centaur upper stage will fire its RL10 engine thrice to send the AEHF 5 spacecraft into an elliptical “high-energy” geostationary transfer orbit starting from 8,970 miles (14,435 kilometers) to 21,933 miles (35,298 kilometers) in altitude, with an inclination of 9.95 levels.

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