Googles Nest Wi-Fi with Beacons That Double as Smart Speakers

Googles Nest Wi-Fi with Beacons That Double as Smart Speakers

Google’s mesh Wi-Fi router Google Wi-Fi is almost three years previous; however, it might be a different design. 9to5 Google is stating that the company is prepping a unique “Nest Wi-Fi” that pairs a single new hub router with two beacons that may double as Google Assistant smart speakers, providing the user with the equal of two additional Google Home Mini speakers to cover other rooms of user’s house with each Wi-Fi and sound.

Users might notice that Google can be effectively copying Amazon’s second-gen Eero router by going with a pair of beacons to increase Wi-Fi coverage throughout Users house, which may have pros and cons. In review, discovered the second-gen Eero to be as capable as the first-gen model in total; however, it doesn’t necessarily deliver as much bandwidth on the beacons as Eero’s full-size routers do.

However, Amazon still doesn’t have smart speakers embedded in its routers, having acquired Eero earlier this year, so that’s a chance that Google might benefit from first. It would not be the first time Google’s doubled up on smart home devices, both: the company took some flak in February for shipping a secret microphone in the Nest Secure alarm that it later enabled for Google Assistant.

9to5Google says Google plans to introduce the Nest Wi-Fi in three different colors at the same October 15th event where it’ll launch its Pixel 4 smartphones. They’ll reportedly be backward compatible with the original Google Wi-Fi routers, and so they’ll debut with some new Google Assistant commands to allow users to pause the internet to particular devices or rooms. (This might be helpful for parents.)

That’s everything Users know from 9to5Google’s sources; however, Users might have already heard more their Users are well-educated guesses earlier this spring a couple of Google codename “Mistral” that might include not only Wi-Fi mesh router and smart speaker capabilities, however, support for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, and ZigBee-based smart home devices as accurately.

The Information reported that Google was working on a combined Google Home and Google Wi-Fi product way back in April 2017.