Hatzegopteryx Is the Largest Flying Creature Fossil Found in The UK

Hatzegopteryx Is the Largest Flying Creature Fossil Found in The UK

An incredible discovery was made on the Isle of Wight where scientists discovered fossilized remains of a massive prehistoric flying creature including a wingspan of a minimum of 20 feet, the news reports.

Based on the newspaper, the big pterosaur belonged to the species referred to as Hatzegopteryx and lived about 125 million years ago, “when what’s now England occupied thousands of miles to the south.”

These creatures might weight as much as 650lbs and are even believed to have preyed upon baby dinosaurs, with 3D modeling recommending that these airborne hunters “used their large leg and wing muscles as catapults” to propel their massive bodies into the air.

He additionally speculated that the unearthed remains presumably belonged to “one of the first super-pterosaurs”, and mused that in a place as “extremely heavily prospected by people almost every day” as the Isle of Wight region, it takes the ability to identify “the small things” that others view to make discoveries similar to this.

Last year, scientists managed to uncover a previously unknown species of a giant pterosaur in the region of Utah.

And in the year 2017, over 200 preserved pterosaurs eggs had been discovered in China, providing researchers an opportunity to learn more about how pterosaurs progressed from egg to adult.

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