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Amazon Soon Launching Alexa-Powered Earbuds

Amazon Soon Launching Alexa-Powered Earbuds

Amazon is preparing to publish Alexa-powered wireless earbuds at its product launch on Wednesday, a new report claims.

The rumored earbuds are codenamed “Puget” and are designed to make it easier to use Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, on the go, while additionally working as a health and fitness device that can monitor a range of metrics, a source told news channel.

The source claimed Amazon is attempting to undercut Apple’s AirPods, which have turn into ubiquitous, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, by pricing its wireless earbuds under $100.

The Amazon earbuds would also be seen as a push towards Google since people tend to use Google Assistant or Siri for mobile voice searches.

Based on newspaper, Amazon might also unveil a high-end Echo smart speaker and an Alexa Home Robot.

The company recently revealed that Alexa would begin to accept donations to 2020 political candidates.

The Seattle-based tech giant doesn’t comment on rumored product launches.