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Southcoast Health is First to Deploy Latest Image guided Technology for Spinal Implants

The 7D technology provides more information when placing hardware in the spine because the surgeon can see the anatomy in 3D as opposed to the 2D intraoperative pictures taken with standard fluoroscopy. The system additionally spares the patient and surgical team exposure to the harmful radiation that comes with radiographic imaging associated with ancient robotic approaches.

St. Luke’s Hospital Brain & Spine Surgery is the 1st in Massachusetts to use the only non-radiation surgical imaging system available for the placement of spinal implants.

The 7D Surgical Machine-vision Image-guided Surgery technology (MGS) for spinal procedures guides the physician with a highly detailed three-dimensional image taken in just four seconds. This replaces a radiographic image taken intermittently during traditional robotic surgery (fluoroscopy). The image created by the system is matched up digitally with the patient’s existing pre-operative scan to make a seamless, real-time image of the patient’s anatomy.

Scans taken during standard fluoroscopic spinal surgery can take twenty minutes to an hour, prolonging exposure to radiation. The 7D Surgical system uses sophisticated camera technology, like self-driving cars, to create a 3-dimensional photographic image in three to four seconds resulting in shorter more efficient procedures.

Philips said, “The patient benefits.” “Because we can image the patient so faster and we tend to are dramatically reducing the time the patient spends in surgery.”

Southcoast Health is the first healthcare system in Massachusetts to offer this technology and the second in New England. “Offering the latest, most cutting-edge technology underlines Southcoast Health’s commitment to delivering the best care possible,” said Keith Hovan, President, and chief executive officer of Southcoast Health. “When our exceptional brain and spine team has the best technology available, we truly can offer our patients care that is second to none.”