3 Unresponsive People Found in Hampton New Hampshire

3 Unresponsive People Found in Hampton New Hampshire, Near Overturned Fishing Boat!

Off the coast of Hampton, New Hampshire, three persons were discovered unresponsive near a wrecked fishing boat. On Thursday, the United States Coast Guard announced that three unresponsive passengers had been located near an upturned vessel that had been discovered off the coast of New Hampshire.

It was anticipated that the search would continue into the night for a fourth person who had gone missing. Off the coast of New Hampshire, the Coast Guard had been conducting a search for a fishing boat and its crew that had gone missing.

After searching for him all day, the Coast Guard located the individual approximately seven miles out to sea. The greatest worries were realized when they found the capsized boat slowly sinking below the surface.

3 Unresponsive People Found in Hampton New Hampshire
3 Unresponsive People Found in Hampton New Hampshire

According to the Coast Guard, on Wednesday morning, four individuals departed from Hampton Harbor aboard a white center console boat that was 17 feet long.

 The Coast Guard tweeted, “Their reported destination was fishing grounds near Jeffreys Ledge, approx. 50 miles offshore,” Thursday.

“It’s a long stretch of bottom that is good fishing,” said Jackson Nicoll, first mate of the Northern Star, “A lot of people know about it.”

Nicoll mentioned that he is out on the water nearly every day of the week. He said that the water had been turbulent and choppy as of late.

“The weather yesterday, it wasn’t nice out there,” he said. “The Northern Star is a big boat. We were able to handle it, but it was bumpy.”

Off the coast of New England, an overturned boat was discovered while searching for a missing fishing vessel. At this time of year, the peril that the Atlantic Ocean’s water poses is increased due to water temperatures in the middle of the 40s.

The United States Coast Guard reported at approximately 1:20 p.m. that an upside-down vessel was found roughly seven miles northeast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

To assist in the search, the Coast Guard sent out an airplane, a helicopter, and two cutters.

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Very little information has been made public regarding the folks that have gone missing. As per WMUR, according to Marine Patrol, Sai is originally from upstate New Hampshire.

The boat that the four people were on was 19 feet in length. The size of the ship, according to boaters who are familiar with the area and the water, is insufficient for the conditions that now exist.

Anyone who may have information is urged to call the Coast Guard Sector Northern New England at the following number: 207-767-0303.

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