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A Massachusetts Family Won $100000 Lottery Prizes: 3 Separate Prizes Using the Same Numbers 3 Times

A Massachusetts Family Won $100000 Lottery Prizes

A Massachusetts Family Won $100000 Lottery Prizes

A Massachusetts family won 3 separate $100,000 lottery prizes using the same numbers 3 times. Tricia Johnson played the Keno lottery in Massachusetts on March 22. She attempted the same numbers that had earned her $100,000 and won another $100,000. Her son used the same numbers in Keno. Also, he took home a hundred grand prize.

Tricia Johnson of East Falmouth, Massachusetts, couldn’t believe she’d won $100,000 in the Keno lottery. I thought someone was messing with me, she said on CBS Boston. But what really took her by surprise was that her family had won the same $100,000 twice more with the identical numbers!

A Massachusetts Family Won $100000 Lottery Prizes

In Keno, the player chooses the number of numbers (spots) they wish to wager on by marking a number on the card from one to twelve. They then select a number between 1 and 80 that corresponds to the player’s selection of places. Each location offers a unique prize and probability of winning.

On March 22, Johnson’s luck began to turn when she picked a consecutive set of numbers from 1 to 10 and won $100,000. According to Insider, on April 10th, she decided to give those digits another shot. Again, she was the lucky recipient of a hundred grand. It’s like lightning struck twice she said.

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Her son John played Keno on April 10 and used the same winning numbers that had brought his mom so much success. It turned out that good fortune was a family trait. He took home $100,000, bringing his family’s total winnings before taxes to $300,000.

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Tricia Johnson said, “We just laughed and cried and hugged.” Johnson, who works as a waitress and drives a school bus for students with special needs, recently expressed her gratitude to CBS Boston for the financial assistance.

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