About Us

In this world of ongoing events per seconds, it’s very much tough to discriminate between fake and real news. When you look down to your smartphone or search google for news there are millions of website publishing the news on the same topic, but stories can be different. That’s when you get confused about what is right and what is wrong. This is the moment when our website Journal Worldwide comes handy. By clicking the link, the vast world of news which to be precisely correct in every manner will open up in front of you.

Our passionate, hardworking team is always working their minds off to deliver the current news to our viewers. Their hard works bear the fruit of the very articles that get published on this website. Eliminating out the wrong, faulty news and rumours from the millions of sources is like finding a needle in the haystack which we do every day to deliver the rightful news to you.

Trustworthiness is the basic moral of our website. All of the contents that are published in are free from plagiarism and red-tapism. We are not authorized under any nation or any political parties or leaders. We write what we feel the people of the world should be updated on.

Repetitions are not the form of our writing. Our articles are always on trending and current topics which will be knowledgeable yet entertaining. The genre of our news platform is vast. Starting from entertainment to sports, politics to war we try to cover everything that takes place in the different zones of the world.

There is no discrimination on gender, caste, creed or religion in our articles. In Journal Worldwide the necessary information is given in a subtle way without hurting anyone emotionally or physically. And we do all these things for the impact we get after publishing our articles, i.e. the trust of our readers and their valuable time.