An American Political Extremist: Alex Jones Net Worth

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Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones is a political extremist and conspiracy theorist on the far right in the United States who is worth a negative $900 million. For those who aren’t familiar with Alex Jones, he is the voice of “The Alex Jones Show,” a globally syndicated radio talk show broadcast from Austin, Texas. He’s published books and made tens of millions of dollars in online sales. His inventory features anything from “brain drugs” to nutritional supplements to emergency supplies. While on trial for defamation in August 2022, Jones testified that his wealth didn’t exceed $5 million. A financial forensics expert testified at Jones’s trial, estimating his worth to be between $135 and $270 million. This trial revealed that Jones’ major company, Infowars, made $53.2 million in annual gross income between 2015 and 2022. A jury found Alex guilty and handed down a $49 million judgment to his victims.

The Connecticut jury that found Jones liable for slander in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting awarded $965 million to a group of victims in October 2022. Throughout the years following the Sandy Hook shooting, Jones spread false information, claiming, among other things, that the tragedy was orchestrated by the government to limit gun rights in the United States. The jury in Connecticut concluded that Jones had utilized those falsehoods to improve his website’s visitor count and subsequent sales. The jury also ruled that Alex should cover the cost of the plaintiff’s legal representation.

Alex and his enterprises have been fined nearly a billion dollars across the two rulings. There will soon be a third trial. In light of Texas’s statutory limits on punitive damages, the $49 million judgment is likely to be lowered dramatically at some point. Since Alex and his businesses are based in Connecticut, where there is no such limit, we don’t know what will happen to them if the ruling stands.

Early Life of Alex Jones

Jones was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 11, 1974, and he grew up in the nearby city of Rockwall. His dad practiced dental medicine, his mom stayed at home to raise him. He says he has ancestry from the Irish, Germans, Welsh, English, and Comanches. In Jones’s second year of high school, his family uprooted and settled in Austin. He played football and graduated from Anderson High School in 1993. Jones enrolled at Austin Community College after high school but left after only a semester.

Gary Allen, a John Birch Society conspiracy theorist, wrote a book that he read as a youth called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, in which Allen claimed that international banks rather than democratically elected individuals controlled American politics. Jones has called Allen’s book “the easiest-to-read introduction to The New World Order,” so you can imagine the impact it had on him.

Defamation Damages

After the Sandy Hook family won their defamation case against Alex in Austin, Texas on August 3, 2022, the jury awarded them $4.1 million in compensatory damages. On August 5, 2022, the same Austin jury added $45 million in punitive penalties to the total amount of damages awarded, bringing the grand total to just under $50 million.

Career Life of Alex Jones

Radio Career

Before moving to radio and hosting “The Final Edition” on KJFK in 1996, he got his start in Austin working on a live call-in public access TV program. During Ron Paul’s congressional campaign, he had Paul on his show frequently. As voted on by readers of the Austin Chronicle, he shared the title of “Best Austin Talk Show Host” with Shannon Burke in 1999. Later that year, he was let go from KJFK because of the difficulty his opinions caused the station to have in selling advertisements and his refusal to widen the scope of his shows. When Jones finally got around to it, he started streaming his show live online from his apartment.

Jones ran for the Texas House District 48 seat as a Republican in the year 2000. He first stated that he was running so that he could “be a watchdog from the inside,” but he eventually dropped out of the contest. Jones’s radio program was syndicated to around 100 stations in the United States in 2001. Since the 9/11 attacks, Jones has been spreading the belief that the Bush government was behind them and that it was an inside job. Several networks cut ties with him once he became the public face of the 9/11 “truther” movement. More than a hundred American AM and FM radio stations carry “The Alex Jones Show,” a program that is syndicated nationally by the Genesis Communications Network. In 2010, it averaged almost 2 million weekly listeners.

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Other Ventures

Alex released his first documentary, “America: Destroyed by Design,” in 1998 and has since produced and released 20 more. In addition to “9-11: Descent Into Tyranny,” published in 2002, he also wrote “The Answer to 1984 Is 1776,” published in 2008. Jones publishes and directs the website InfoWars, which attracts about 10 million unique visitors every month. Some have claimed that the site is a fake news outlet that promotes dangerous conspiracies. It is estimated that during its height, the facility brought in over $20,000,000 in annual revenue.

In 2017, it was shown by the German publication Der Spiegel that the majority of Jones’s wealth comes from the sale of his products, which he promotes via the InfoWars website and commercials on his show. Supplements, toothpaste, protective clothing, and other items are among them. According to an episode of “Last Week Tonight” from 2017, hosted by John Oliver, nearly a quarter of Jones’ airtime is devoted to promoting products sold on his website, many of which claim solutions to medical and economic problems Jones claims are caused by the conspiracy theories he promotes on his show.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he persisted in his antics, to the point where on March 12, 2020, the Attorney General of New York issued him a cease and desist order for making unsubstantiated claims that the items he was selling were viable treatments for the virus. In April 2020, the FDA became involved, and Jones was warned that he may be fined or perhaps have his items confiscated if he continued to sell them.

Controversial Issues in Alex’s Life

Jones is notorious for his radical views on a wide range of controversial topics, including the Oklahoma City bombing, the moon landing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Obama, Hillary Clinton, white genocide, and anti-vaccination. A large number of terrorist attacks, according to Jones, were “inside jobs,” meaning they had official US government backing. He thinks the World Bank invented climate change so it could implement a carbon tax over the world and gain control of the economy. Several ex-employees came forward with allegations of s*xual harassment, anti-black racism, and anti-Semitic behavior against Jones in February of 2018. YouTube deleted several InfoWars videos in July 2018 due to concerns over hate speech and the potential threat to children. By the end of the year, all of Jones’s podcasts had been deleted from Stitcher Radio due to harassment complaints, and on August 3, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify had done the same due to policy breaches.

When YouTube discovered that InfoWars was behind several popular channels, including Alex Jones’s, they took them down. The following week, Vimeo took down every video posted by Jones because of their racist and sexist themes. Pinterest, MailChimp, and LinkedIn all terminated his accounts as well. After using Twitter and Periscope to insult a CNN reporter, Jones was permanently banned from both networks the following month. Apple and Google both deleted the InfoWars app from their respective app stores. Jones is no longer allowed to use PayPal for official business purposes. Jones lost his access to social media platforms in May of this year.

Personal Life Of Alex Jones

From 2007 until 2015, Alex was married to Kelly Jones. There are three kids in the family. Kelly Jones filed for sole custody of their children in 2017 because of her ex-stranged husband’s conduct, saying that she was afraid for their safety because he was not a stable person. His lawyer attempted to explain away his client’s actions by comparing him to a “performance artist” who is “playing a character.” Jones has consistently refuted rumors that he acted in any of his shows. Kelly now has primary custody, with visiting privileges for Jones.

Jones was arrested and charged with DWI in Texas in March 2020. Class B misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charges were verified with Austin’s Travis County prison. A “personal recognizance bail” got him out of jail four hours after he was booked.

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