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Amazon One Healthcare Agreement Is Approved By A State Agency

Amazon One Healthcare Agreement

Amazon One Healthcare Agreement

Amazon One Healthcare Agreement: Amazon’s planned acquisition of One Medical, a primary care provider, has been approved by the Oregon Health Authority, citing a lack of “concerns about price hikes.”

State Agency Approves Amazon One Healthcare Agreement

The Oregon Health Authority, which had been pressured by consumer groups to block the transaction on the grounds that it would reduce care quality and drive up costs, stated in a review released on Tuesday that it had no concerns about price increases because “the transaction will not meaningfully change Amazon and One Medical’s market share for primary care services in Oregon.”

According to documents obtained as part of a state regulatory investigation, One Medical “works with Providence Health & Services to support clinical treatment and administrative services” at five of its primary care clinics in Oregon.

According to the Oregon Health Authority’s executive summary, “the transaction is unlikely to significantly limit access to affordable health care in Oregon.” Patients in Oregon cities where One Medical has offices have numerous options for medical care. OHA does not expect prices to rise as a result of this agreement.

Furthermore, the Oregon Health Authority stated that Amazon’s “sophisticated supply chain and buying power” will allow the company to “create efficiencies and savings for One Medical.”

Walgreens is opening hundreds of physician-staffed clinics with partner VillageMD, and Walmart is launching doctor-staffed clinics under the Walmart Health brand in several new markets, both of which coincide with Amazon’s proposed $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical. Moreover, despite relying on nurse practitioners to run its more than 1,100 in-store clinics in the past, CVS Health is expanding its primary care models to include more physicians.

Amazon’s proposed acquisition of One Medical is currently being reviewed by federal antitrust officials. One Medical and Amazon each “received a request for additional information and documentary materials from the FTC in connection with the FTC’s investigation of the Merger,” according to a September filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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