An Oregon Poacher Illegally Killed Three Deer Caught in Headlights

Oregon Poacher: The man who was responsible for shooting bucks outside of the legal hunting season, using artificial light while hunting at night, and wasting the meat he killed has finally been located by the Oregon wildlife officials who were investigating the incident. The violations were initially committed in March of the previous calendar year, and ever since that time, the Oregon State Police have been looking into the matter.

An Oregon Poacher Illegally Killed Three Deer Caught in Headlights

Macen M. West, 21, of North Bend, is now facing three counts of taking game during a closed season, three counts of wasting game meat, and one count of hunting with artificial light. All of these charges carry a maximum prison sentence of three years.

A resident of the area discovered three blacktail deer belonging to West lying in the grass with gunshot wounds to the heads of all of them. Joseph Metzler of Coos Bay observed a large number of crows congregating in the area close to where the dead deer was located and reported his observations to the appropriate authorities.

Due to the close vicinity of the three bucks, investigators were able to determine that West employed some kind of spotlight while committing the act of poaching.

Oregon Poacher

In a press release, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stated that “in a normal hunting setting, a single shot at one deer would have spooked others into the flight,” but this hunting situation was unusual.

A local resident claims that if the deer had been hunted properly, they would have been able to “fill a freezer and make people proud.” Metzler is relieved that West is suffering the consequences of his criminal behavior after nearly two years.

It just goes to show that if you turn in poachers, it may be a while before they find them, but they will. “I’m thrilled that OSP was able to pursue this and have success a year later,” he said. “It just goes to show that if you report poachers, it may be a while before they find them.”

Metzler continued by saying, “We are aware of what is appropriate and what is not.” And it’s a shame that his pals didn’t report him to the authorities. They stole this hunting resource from the community of local hunters completely. Every single one of those bucks would have been enough to fill an entire freezer and would have made people in Oregon proud of the way we handle our deer.

Sergeant Levi Harris of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife claims that all of West’s criminal activities were motivated solely by financial gain. “We believe the shooter drove around a curve, noticed the deer in the headlights, and made a bad, startling, spontaneous decision to hop out and shoot those deer,” a spokesperson for the investigation said in a news release.

The Oregon State Police are requesting that West give up his Savage 93r 17 rifles, make restitution in the amount of $3,000, and receive a hunting licence suspension of at least three years as a result of his involvement in the event.

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