Andrew Wiggins Best Friend: The Real Story Behind the Cheating Allegations

The Warriors are now experiencing some serious difficulties. They are now sixth in the West with only 12 games left in the regular season. The Warriors have lost their previous nine road games, so the fact that seven of their remaining 12 games will be played away from Oracle Arena is cause for concern. The situation has raised more questions for Warriors fans regarding Andrew Wiggins.

The 2022 NBA champions’ offensive and defensive performances were greatly aided by the Warriors’ outstanding player, who was widely regarded as the team’s second-greatest player. As of this season, he was averaging a career-best 39.6 percent from long range, so clearly he was making some strides in efficiency.

Wiggins has been gone from the Warriors for over a month due to a major family problem. He hasn’t played since February 13th, so that’s 13 games he hasn’t missed. There has been no word on when he will return, but his longtime girlfriend and best friend are the subjects of vicious rumors in the meanwhile.

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Who Is Andrew Wiggin’s Best Friend? The Real Story Behind the Cheating Allegations

This internet-based rumor is the origin of the entire inquiry into Wiggins’ alleged best friend. Wiggins’ rumored ex-wife is his long-time lover Mychal Johnson, who allegedly had an affair with Wiggins’ best buddy.

All these are just unsubstantiated rumors being disseminated by anonymous Twitter users at this point. There is no evidence of this on their social media, and no one close to the parties concerned has commented on the matter. Many started wondering though, who exactly is this closest friend?

Wiggins is a reclusive individual, thus we know little about his closest companions. But if we’re talking about the Warriors, there’s one guy named Jordan Poole who Wiggins considers a good friend. Both players signed with the Warriors during the same season and have grown up together in the organization.

Andrew Wiggins Best Friend
Andrew Wiggins Best Friend

Both of them were able to handle the high stakes and intense scrutiny that came with playing for the Warriors, and they improved as a result. There are photos of them celebrating the Warriors’ championship together.

Both Poole and Wiggins signed significant contracts over the offseason, keeping them with the team until the 2026-27 season. It allows them to work together to form a fresh foundation for a championship squad. While Wiggins was out of the office, Poole made these remarks. Although their friendship is undeniable, no evidence links Poole or any of Wiggins’ other pals to Mychal Johnson.

Wiggins Speculation Dominates NBA Twitter

We all know that NBA Twitter always makes time to talk about the ‘essential’ topics. They showed up there, as planned, to talk about the rumors around Wiggins.

They’re hiding behind an idea for which there is less evidence. Wiggins’ family is going through a tough period, and stories like these are quite insensitive.

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Frequently asked questions

Was Andrew Wiggins the next LeBron?

Once upon a time, Andrew Wiggins was considered the heir apparent to LeBron James. When Andrew Wiggins initially entered the NBA, he was hailed as the "next LeBron James" by many. Wiggins's debut was met with unfathomable levels of acclaim, which had an impact on him.

Are Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins friends?

Wiggins, a good friend of Poole's, recently spoke with, where he discussed Green's knockout of Poole.


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