Andy Fletcher Cause of Death: Depeche Mode Shares Heartfelt News

Andrew Fletcher, the keyboardist for the iconic band Depeche Mode, passed suddenly a few weeks ago at the age of 60. The group has now explained the circumstances around their abrupt breakup.

Aortic dissection is essentially just a tear in a major artery leading away from the heart, according to a statement released by the band after Fletcher’s passing. The effect on him was completely painless.

Andy’s family has asked us to share the news with you that we received from the medical examiners a few weeks ago. On May 26th, Andy had a dissection of his aorta while at home. He died of natural causes and did not have to endure any unnecessary pain or anguish, the statement continues.

Andy Fletcher Cause of Death
Andy Fletcher Cause of Death

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The band members acknowledged that they have felt their fans’ affection and support over these difficult weeks. And they said that they had a “wonderful service and gathering with a few tears, but filled with the fantastic recollections of who Andy was, stories of all of our times together, and some good laughter” to commemorate his life after he passed away.

In the late ’70s, Fletcher, Martin Gore, and Vince Clarke formed a band under the name Depeche Mode. A short time later, they brought in singer Dave Gahan, who contributed hits like “Just Can’t Get Enough” to the band’s success.

Iconic songs like “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy the Silence” were written by Gore after Clarke left to establish Yazoo and then Erasure.

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Frequently asked questions

What happened to Andrew Fletcher?

The death of Andrew "Fletch" Fletcher, keyboardist for Depeche Mode, following an aortic dissection in May was announced this week. Although aortic dissections are not as common as other cardiovascular disorders like heart attacks, the results for those who suffer from them are typically terrible.

Why does Fletcher slap Andrew?

Fletcher also has a history of physical abuse with his pupils, including the aforementioned chair-throwing incident, the kicking of drums, and, in one scene, Fletcher slapping Andrew's face repeatedly while instructing him on the beat of a song.



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