Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Massachusetts Business Owner

Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Massachusetts Business Owner: Outrageous Hear from Fierce Dog Owners

Dog owner’s comment following the filing of animal cruelty accusations against a Massachusetts business owner. A firefighter from Burlington, Massachusetts, and former proprietor of a dog training facility in South Boston has been charged with animal cruelty.

The training and boarding facility owned by Tyler Falconer, Falco K9, was closed in March after customers claimed their canines were mistreated. Following court documents obtained by 5 Investigates, Falconer is charged with animal maltreatment and dog tethering.

According to the criminal complaint, a conviction could result in imprisonment if the allegations are proven. Rhiannon Connor said her companion Luna spent approximately three weeks at Falco K9 in February and returned around 25 pounds lighter. Connor said,

“Right away, we just noticed she was very, very skinny, like emaciated. Her bones were all sticking out. You could see her whole rib cage. They just make it sound like everything’s going great when in reality, obviously, it wasn’t.”

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She provided NewsCenter 5 with photographs depicting Luna’s appearance before and after visiting the South Boston dog training facility. Connor also provided the police with the pictures. Sawyer’s two-week stay at Falco K9 stunned his owner, a Golden Retriever named Sawyer.

The proprietor, who requested anonymity, says she also provided police with before-and-after photographs. Sawyer’s owner stated that the dog was bathed in urine, and his bones protruded. “His ribs were protruding, and his demeanor had altered. He had his tail between his legs, to be sure.”

Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Massachusetts Business Owner
Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Massachusetts Business Owner

Two of the three dogs named in the criminal complaint against Falconer, the proprietor of the now-closed South Boston boarding and training facility, are Luna and Sawyer. According to court documents obtained by 5 Investigates, Falconer faces six charges, including one count of animal maltreatment and one count of dog tethering for each dog.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s summary of charges, the defendant failed to provide the dogs with adequate food, water, or a sanitary environment, authorized or permitted the dogs to be subjected to unnecessary torture, suffering, or cruelty and exposed the dogs to filthy and unsanitary conditions.

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Falconer is both a dog trainer and a firefighter in Burlington. When the investigation became public in March, the city suspended him with pay. Thursday’s press release verified that the town had received the criminal complaint and will now determine the next steps.

Burlington town officials said in a written statement,

“The town has obtained a copy of the criminal complaint in which the ARL alleges that Falconer mistreated dogs at his business. The municipality will now determine how to proceed in this matter.”

Falconer will be charged formally when he appears before a magistrate on May 31. WCVB has sought out Falconer and his attorney but has not yet received a response. Falconer is the spouse of EyeOpener Traffic anchor for NewsCenter 5 Katie Thompson.

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