Anthony Mackie And Will Smith: How Will Smith Punched Anthony Mackie?

Anthony Mackie And Will Smith

Anthony Mackie And Will Smith Intimate Facts

During the 94th Academy Awards, comedian Chris Rock made a joke that seemed to offend actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith, Pinkett Smith’s husband and an Oscar nominee at the time, smacked him across the face and then yelled insults at a visibly startled Rock from the audience. The night went on as scheduled despite the unpleasant attack and the widespread chatter about it online.

Smith was called back to the stage before the night was through to win the 2022 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The following speech Smith gave (via Associated Press) included several references to his role as “defender of his family.” Smith, who portrayed the real-life father of tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams in the film “King Richard,” seemed to equate his behaviour with that of his character in the film. The acts and words of Smith have, needless to say, sparked heated debate. Importantly, this isn’t the first time Smith’s name has been linked to a smack in the face. There was another, less-notable episode that occurred long before Slapgate.

At Most, Will Smith Threw One Punch At Anthony Mackie

Be wary if you ever receive an invitation to Will Smith’s birthday bash. A gift of a pop to the jaw from the actor who gave one of Muhammad Ali’s five best performances could be in store for you. Maybe if you’re Anthony Mackie that will happen to you. To promote his 2021 Netflix film “Outside the Wire,” the Falcon actor went on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” and shared the story of the day he got (accidentally) hit in the face Big Willie style. Mackie claims that “Outside the Wire” was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, which is frequently used as the home filming place for a variety of international projects.

When Mackie was working in Budapest, Smith was nearby filming “Gemini Man,” a science fiction film for Paramount. Smith had a 50th birthday celebration in the city while filming, and Mackie was given an invitation to attend. Mackie’s publicist had asked him ahead of time if he would like to be the one to give Smith his birthday cake. As one might expect, Mackie gave a positive response. That was the point at which the actor’s flaws became apparent. Let’s hand things over to Sam Wilson, who will fill you in on the events that transpired at the party.

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He’s Got a Mean Right Cross

Mackie recalled, “I’m on stage with Will Smith doing a concert” (in our imagination, the Fresh Prince was performing, “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson”). “What am I thinking? We bring out the cake and Will Smith recognizes me and exclaims, “Hey, Anthony Mackie!” I’m shocked that he knows my name.” (Give Anthony Mackie some credit; he deserves it. One of the greatest war films, “The Hurt Locker,” included you. It was voted the year’s best film.

Mackie continued, “So I go to, like, high five.” “I don’t know why, but he mistook my approach for a high five when I was trying to hug him. Now he tried to grasp my arm and he punched me in the face so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It felt like he slammed a right cross into my face. As soon as he had me in his grip, he asked, “you good?” And I said, “I guess so.” We’re probably fighting, but I’m not sure. “No, no, I’m sorry,” he says emphatically.”

Even celebrities have those moments when they’re trying too hard to impress someone and they end up feeling like the biggest fool in the world “I took a punch to the jaw from Will Smith. As a human person, he is quite irritated, “A humorous comment from Mackie. There’s no way he accidentally punched me in the jaw during a hug, so I know he meant to do it. Jess Cagle, the show’s host, warned Mackie to be wary of Smith’s punches by noting that the actor had acquired his technique from Muhammad Ali. Yo, he’s got a right cross, man,” Mackie said. “Be careful, because this dude just walked in here, and by that I mean, wow. Muhammad Ali punched me, and I took it. The truth is, I can say it.” Streaming on Netflix is “Outside the Wire,” a science fiction action picture starring Anthony Mackie, in which Mackie can be seen throwing punches.

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