Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date, New Weapons, New Characters, & More

Here we are talking about Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date, which is expected to be released in November 2022.

Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date

Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date

Season 15 of Apex Legends will begin on November 1, 2022. It’s confirmed by in-game details concerning Season 14’s Battle Pass, which will be available until November 1. After the Battle Pass period ends, Season 15 won’t start for an hour or two as Respawn makes the transition to the new version.

Tom Henderson, a well-known and trustworthy leaker of information for numerous games, including Apex, confirmed the 1st of November in a recent tweet. In the same tweet, he also announced the title for Season 15: Eclipse for Apex Legends.

The latest Apex Legends map “Divided Moon”

The new Divided Moon map is the main addition to Apex Legends Season 15. With the recent leaks, we now know what kind of map to expect with Divided Moon; based on the size of the first ring in the above screenshot, it appears to be the second-smallest map so far, just slightly larger than Olympus. Unlike Storm Point, the most recent addition to the map lineup, there’s no overall slope to the terrain. Everything is more or less on the same level, although the line of sight is broken up by enormous chunks of moon rock in a way reminiscent of Kings Canyon, the original Apex Legends map.

The structures themselves appear pretty similar to those of Olympus – and, like with Olympus, it looks that Respawn is messing with a bit with the concept of gravity with Divided Moon. Several locations of interest have chasms filled with floating rocks. It’s unknown what happens if you fall into one of these chasms, but it’s a reasonable assumption that you’ll be jetpacked to safety, much like the present feature in World’s Edge and Olympus.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Divided Moon for many gamers is that it appears like the map will have a constantly running train travelling across the area, just like World’s Edge used to have when it was initially introduced. The train was always a fan favourite part of World’s Edge and many players have been hoping for it to return, so it’ll certainly be a very welcome addition to Divided Moon. Given that this appears to be the primary mode of long-distance movement throughout the new map, it’s highly doubtful that any Tridents will be finding their way to Divided Moon shortly. However, this might change as more information about the new map is revealed in the coming days and weeks.

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In Season 15 of Apex Legends, who is the character?


When a new year begins, a new legend is born. We don’t know for sure which Legend will join the roster with Apex Legends: Eclipse, but recent leaks, discoveries, and rumours from the player base point to either Catalyst or Husaria.
There is a strong possibility that Catalyst will be the new Legend for Season 15. Catalyst, dubbed the “Creative Builder,” uses a smart substance called ferrofluid, which can be shaped and moulded into any shape, to build simple structures on demand. Her skills, as deduced from the available data, are as follows:

Your ferrofluid buildings, doors, and other Legends’ placeables will be substantially more durable if you stand near them while this passive ability is active. Ferro Shot is a tactical shot that, upon impact, forms a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be further extended by firing further bullets. Useful for building wall-mounted stages as well (Max 3 structures). The final move is the Iron Tower, in which a column of ferrofluid forms beneath you and propels you forward.


Players have recently discovered a reference to a Legend named Husaria within the game’s files. Husaria was rumoured to be a planned character back in Season 2, but by Season 12, everyone assumed she’d been transformed into Mad Maggie, a Legend introduced in that season. So, why does Husaria reappear in Apex’s records now? Husaria may be just a codename for the next Legend (so it could still be Catalyst, under the moniker of Husaria).

However, it should be noted that leakers have revealed determined abilities for a Legend called Husaria. Shotgun Kick is a passive ability that fires a shotgun from your leg when you use melee attacks on doors or enemies. need shotgun shells. When you use your powers, you get a temporary boost to your speed. Strategically, you can use the “Flashbang” tactic, which entails lobbing a grenade that temporarily deafens and blinds your enemies.

The ultimate ability is the concussive breaching charge, which can be used to disorient foes, destroy traps, and open doors through solid walls. What’s not to recognise about a breaching charge that shoots through walls and destroys enemy structures, or a passive that involves shotguns and speed boosts? These datamined skills could easily be holdovers from an earlier version of Mad Maggie. Even if Husaria is the new Legend introduced in Season 15, their abilities probably won’t be exactly as described above. Still, as we wait for more information about the Season 15 character, Husaria is a name that may come up quite a bit.

New weaponry in Season 15

Respawn is used to introduce a new weapon at the start of each Season. However, new weapons are far less common now, as Respawn considers the existing arsenal to be in excellent shape. The CAR SMG was the final weapon added to Apex, and it was introduced in Season 11.

In any case, while it’s highly improbable that a new weapon will be introduced in Season 15, we do know through leaks from previous seasons that there are new weapons in the works. The Nemesis is one such weapon; it is a burst Assault Rifle like the Hemlok but charges up as it deals damage to adversaries, allowing it to fire at full auto once completely charged.

The new Battle Pass, skins, and events for Season 15

Season 15 of Apex Legends will undoubtedly bring a new Battle Pass, and recent leaks have revealed that the “Magic Goth” theme will be the inspiration for the skins included in the Battle Pass for both Legends and weaponry. That concept evokes some intriguing mental pictures. The new skins haven’t been revealed just yet, but we can assume they’ll have a gothic and/or magical aesthetic.

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