Asan Kasingye Biography

Asan Kasingye: Biography, Wife, Early Life and Education of a Ugandan Police Force Officer

Asan Kasingye is an official in the Ugandan Police Force with the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police; he is also the current Political Commissar at the Uganda Police Force, the boss of Interpol, and the former police spokesperson.The number of Kasingye’s followers on Twitter ( has risen to 200 thousand. An amazing human being, he is modest, funny, and loving.

Asan Kasingye, director of Uganda’s Interpol and international relations, joined Twitter in 2015. Kasingye has previously stated that this necessitated a more intimate familiarity with him and a broader knowledge of national and international events. Since signing up for Twitter was the least difficult option, his eldest daughter Sandra went that path since she felt it was home to more “serious” users. Kasingye learned to master Twitter in a little over two months.

In Uganda, he is widely recognised as a social media powerhouse. Kasingye claims that one of the reasons he has such a large fan base is because he always tells the truth, even while joking. The second is the way he connects with young people; as the majority of social media users are under the age of 35, Kasingye has developed deep, personal relationships with many of them.

He also says that he helped the Force communicate better by answering their inquiries and providing facts. A lot of people initially mistook Kasingye for a police officer and assumed he didn’t manage his Twitter account directly. When it comes to honest police officers, Kasingye is the epitome. There was once a major traffic jam on Kinawataka road, and he hopped out of his car to act as a traffic officer. When citizens of Uganda phone to thank him for his duty or when he personally meets citizens who value police protection, he is overjoyed.

Early Life and Education

Asan Kasingye Biography
Asan Kasingye Biography

Asan Kasingye was born to Robinah and John Kairukabi on March 23, 1964, in Kibingo Hill Village, Sheema District. Kasingye is the oldest of 12 children, including eight brothers and four sisters. But sadly, one of the girls did not make it. Kasingye had his primary education at Kibingo Primary School and his secondary education at St. Andrew Kaggwa High School in Bushenyi. After that, Kasingye applied to and was accepted to Makerere University, from which he later earned a BA in Economics and Politics.

Work and Experience 

Asan Kasingye has been a member of the Uganda Police Force since 1986. Kasingye has held a variety of positions within the Force, including that of Interpol chief, police spokeswoman, and political commissar. Kasingye, who has been a police officer for almost 30 years, is the President of Ugandans on Twitter and the Chairman of the Uganda Police Football Club. On July 10, 2021, his term as president ended, and Patrick Kanyomozi took office.

His Twitter account, however, has been the subject of debate, with some wondering if it is a personal or professional account. In March 2021, the ethics and disciplinary committee of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations fined Kasingye Shs2.5m and threatened to suspend him from participating in both national and international football activities for six months (FUFA).

The incident occurred after a match between Police FC and Vipers SC in the Uganda Premier League (UPL), in which Kasingye was accused of acting inappropriately. The central referee in charge of the game apparently made a mistake and sent out the Police goalkeeper, which enraged Kasingye. Bitter Kasingye took his frustrations off the field and onto Twitter, where he urged the league’s organisers to throw the title up to the Vipers without further competition because the other teams were wasting their time and money.

This is the plan of action for Vipers SC today. That’s just too much to take in. We can’t stand by while they ruin the sport we all love. This insanity must be stopped immediately. Football corruption has reached new heights. Shame on you, Vipers, and on your hired refs, too,” Kasingye chimed in. While attending classes at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, Assistant Inspector General Asan Kasingye (MUK).

Kasingye recalls that numerous government officials visited them in 1986, just after the NRA conflict, trying to entice them to join public service institutions on the grounds that they were needed. So after Kasingye graduated from college in 1988, he and his wife went through the public service interview process, and by March 1989, he had enlisted in the police force. Before the end of that year, in December, Kasingye had completed his training at the Kibuli Police Training School.

Kasingye has a strong distaste for cops that are only there for themselves. For Kasingye, wearing the same uniform as an officer who uses a gun to rob others, gets drunk on the job, or has other questionable motives is deeply embarrassing. After Kasingye retires from the police force, he plans to devote his time to his farm near Mbarara, where he raises bananas, cows, and chickens.

In his retirement, he plans to be an active church member and devote more time to developing his connection with God and speaking as a motivational speaker for young people.


Asan Kasingye has two daughters and three sons as well as grandchildren. On September 14, 1991, at the tender age of 25 years old, he was wed in a parentally arranged marriage to a young lady who had recently graduated from high school. When it comes to the kitchen, Kasingye is a wizard. This is because he learned to cook from his mother, who had eight sons before she had a daughter, and because he often fed himself before getting married. The combination of matooke and chicken is his go-to dish.

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