Does Asap Rocky Have Kids? Rapper Family (Relationship) Timeline Explained!

Asap Rocky has how many children? As of now, Asap Rocky does not have any children. The American rapper is currently expecting a child with Rihanna, a prominent singer, and fashion queen.

Asap Rocky and Rihanna were caught on the streets of New York holding hands and Rihanna exhibiting her magnificent baby bump today, word of Rihanna’s pregnancy filled the media.

The couple was spotted out and about in New York City over the weekend, where Rihanna wore a long pink jacket to show off her growing baby bump. Her huge coat had been undone at the bottom, displaying her expanding pregnant tummy, which was decorated with a gold cross and glittering stones.

Asap Rocky has how many children?

Asap Rocky is not yet a father, but he will be soon thanks to his fiancée Rihanna, who is now expecting their first child together.

The gender of the infant the two celebrities are expecting has yet to be announced.

The announcement comes just days after the couple was sighted in Harlem, called ASAP’s birthplace, over the weekend, with RiRi flashing her baby tummy in the most spectacular of ways. The unzipped lower half of her long pink coat revealed her bump. Chic while pregnant! Her belly was adorned with gems! We already know this will be the most fashionable infant in history.

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Rihanna’s life plan has always included having children, whether or not she has a spouse. In the May 2020 British Vogue cover story interview, Rih was asked what she hoped for in the following ten years, and she answered, “Ten years? By then, I’ll have reached the age of 42! I’m going to be old. I’ll have three or four kids.” He went on to ask Rihanna if she planned on having children in the event she didn’t find the right man. What’s Ri’s reaction to all of this? “Sure thing.”

As she went on to say, “I’ve got the feeling society makes me want to feel like you got it wrong…” If your children don’t have a father figure in their lives, people will look down on you as a mother. However, the only thing that matters is that you’re happy. The only relationship a parent and child may have that is healthy is that one of love and trust. Only love has the ability to truly raise a child.”

In the end, Ri did find the perfect match. She and Rocky, both 33, have been together for approximately two years, and a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that they are “inseparable” and that their relationship is “in a good place.” People took time to unwind and reconnect after having had a hectic fall with professional commitments, the source explained.

ASAP Rocky, whose full name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, didn’t hold back in calling Rihanna “the love of his life” in a May 2021 interview with GQ (does this officially make him the president of the Rihanna Navy???). In the interview, he said, “I think you know when you know. “She’s the real deal.”

Rihanna and Rocky have yet to react to the pregnancy news.

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