“Azov” Declares a Hunt for Everyone Involved in Mass Murder of Prisoners in Olenivka!

Units of the Azov Regiment said on July 29 that they would look for everyone who had anything to do with the mass killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Olenivka.

Andriy Biletskyi, who started the Azov Regiment and is in charge of the National Corps party, sent a message to Telegram.

Biletskyi said, “In regards to the attack on the [penal] colony in Olenivka, where our friends from “Azovstal” are, the Russians killed some of the captured “Azov” fighters last night.

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The Russian command has said that the Ukrainian army was to blame for the mass killing of prisoners. The Azov Regiment’s soldiers were moved to a different building.

It is already obvious that this was a pre-planned act by a country for which the concept of officer’s honor is unknown, much the less compliance with the Geneva Conventions and the rules, laws, and customs of war.

Mass Murder in Olenivka

I’m speaking for the Azov units when I say that everyone who took part in the mass murder will be hunted down. No matter what position they are in or where they are, every actor and organizer will be responsible. No matter where you try to hide, you will be found and killed.”

Biletskyi says that the Ukrainian military is gathering information about the people who were hurt and who did this war crime.

On July 29, Russian propaganda sources said that Ukrainian prisoners were being shelled at the prison colony in Olenivka, Donetsk Oblast, where they are being held. The sources for Ukrainska Pravda have stressed that Russia was behind the attack on the Ukrainians.

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