Baby Santana Net Worth 2023: From Obscurity to Millionaire

Baby Santana is a young rapper and musician. Steven Lewis, better known as Baby Santana, is his real name. He succeeded at 16, collaborating with artists such as Lil Tecca, Ka$hdami, Yung Fazo, SSGKobe, and others.

The rapper rose to prominence after releasing singles such as Prada Remix and the hit single Antisocial, on which he collaborated with famous rapper Lil Tecca and earned widespread recognition in the music industry.

Baby Santana Net Worth

Baby Santana Net Worth is expected to be around $400,000 in 2023. He is one of the industry’s top rising rappers and music artists, having released numerous singles such as Made It, On Go, Antisocial, Antisocial 2, Prada, Milan, Late Night, and Up With Me. The primary income source is music, including live performances, hit singles, and collaborations with other artists.

The rapper also has a self-titled YouTube channel where his music videos receive millions of views. His net worth has steadily increased since achieving success in the music industry. Baby Santana earns around $100,000 per year.

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Baby Santana Early life

Santana was born on November 14, 2006, in Columbus, Georgia. His mother, Shettina, and stepfather, Steven, raised him. His mother used to work for Aflac, an insurance company, and his stepfather, Steven, was a professional truck driver.

Baby Santana Net Worth

His mother divorced Steven shortly after Santana was born, and Santana and his mother struggled for the next few years. Later, his mother, Shettina, met another man, remarried, and moved into a larger house. Before moving to Diamond Elementary School, he attended Pinehurst Elementary School as a child.

He eventually enrolled at Ford Middle School, participating in numerous sports, including football and basketball. Aside from sports, Steven spent his spare time focusing on his other passion, music.

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Baby Santana Career

Santana began his musical career at a young age by teaching himself music on YouTube. He began learning A Cappella, creating his beats and teaching himself to play the piano. Listening to late XXXTENTACION songs piqued his interest in music. He could not purchase musical instruments initially, so he worked briefly at a bread factory to earn enough money to buy equipment.

Baby Santana comment in his Tweet:-

At 11, Baby Santana launched his own YouTube channel for the first time in May 2018. Around the same time, he found his Soundcloud page to share his genre-defining works. Baby Santana formed the rap group 1500 with a friend to launch his music career. In 2020, the rapper rose to prominence with releasing his first single, Prada.

The song went viral on various platforms, including Tik Tok, and Santana was allowed to collaborate with Lil Tecca on the remix. Following his success, Baby Santana released three mixtapes, including Recreation, Quan, and Planet Sosa. In 2021, he had a career breakthrough with the release of his massive hit single Antisocial.

Soon after, he was invited to perform his first live show at the lyrical lemonade summer smash festival. Baby Santana recently released his Antisocial sequel, Antisocial 2, which features appearances from SSGKobe and Yung Fazo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Baby Santana?

Baby Santana was born on the 14th of November 2006, in the city of Columbus, Georgia, He is 16 years old.

How much does Baby Santana make?

Baby Santana’s annual income is around $100,000.

What is the worth of Baby Santana?

As of 2023, Baby Santana Net Worth is estimated to be around $400,000.



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