Bengaluru Woman Commits Suicide, Police Arrested Her Husband For Investigation

Bengaluru Woman Commits Suicide

A software developer from Bengaluru’s Varthur was taken into custody on Wednesday after his wife committed suicide the day before, allegedly after writing a note in which she accused him of torturing her. After the woman’s relatives filed a complaint with the police, the husband was reportedly arrested for aiding in the suicide.

Nihar Ranjan Routray and Upasana Rawat, a 34-year-old HR manager, were named by authorities as the couple. They reportedly had been married for eight years. Domestic problems over the past two years had weakened their relationship, according to the authorities. In other words, the couple did not start a family.

The authorities said that Rawat committed suicide on Tuesday morning after getting a divorce petition. It has been reported that Rawat, in a suicide note, attributed her suicide to the psychological and emotional agony she endured at the hands of her spouse.

The Varthur police opened an investigation after hearing from Rawat’s family. We have filed a charge against Nihar for incitement to suicide (IPC Section 306). The investigation uncovered tapes that Nihar had recorded of Upasana fighting and beating her husband. When asked, the man told the police officer, “I’m gathering proof to prove in court that she’s abusing me,” the officer stated.

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