Best Outdoor Stay in Massachusetts

Know About This “Best Outdoor Stay in Massachusetts”: A Place That Offers Unique Beehive Cabins for Camping Experience

The best outdoor stay in Massachusetts has been named, offering a unique accommodation option for campers. Guests can now sleep in a beehive cabin at this getaway, providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Warwick’s Salamander Hollow Healing Habitat offers guests the unique experience of sleeping.

In a recent announcement, Hipcamp, a marketplace for outdoor stays that offers a variety of accommodations such as tent camping, glamping, cabins, and treehouses, has recognized the Franklin County property as the best Hipcamp in Massachusetts for the year 2023.

The property has also been named a runner-up for the best cabin rental in the United States by the same platform. Salamander Hollow, a 17-acre land adjacent to Massachusetts state forest, has been dubbed a haven for honeybees and humans.

It is a private sanctuary that offers a serene environment for both species. The property boasts four accommodations, among them the Slovenian Beehive Cabin.

Three new accommodations have been added to the site, including a tipi equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven, a small glamping cabin featuring an infrared sauna, and an island cabin in Tully Pond, which will be available for booking starting this week.

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Mary Canning, co-owner of the property, and her husband, Ingo Winzer, expressed her delight in witnessing people relish something they had a hand in bringing to life. In 1997, a Massachusetts beekeeper acquired the land.

Following her successful stint as the proprietor of Follow the Honey, a shop in Harvard Square that continues to operate online, the entrepreneur has set her sights on a new venture. She has opened her property to visitors and established lodging facilities on the premises.

Best Outdoor Stay in Massachusetts
Best Outdoor Stay in Massachusetts

In 2021, she joined the Hipcamp community, eager to share her land with others. During her travels to Slovenia, Canning studied beehive cabins, which inspired her latest project – the Slovenia Beehive Cabin. Four active bee hives have been found in the cabin.

Canning said:

“People can actually sleep safely with honeybees. They’re very meditative and calming. We’ve never had, in two years, one sting. Because the bees are on their own side. They have a metal mesh that seals them off.”

According to Canning, the property is unique as it provides both seclusion and numerous chances for outdoor escapades such as swimming, fishing, hiking, climbing, and exploring nearby farms. Visitors have a plethora of activities to choose from at the New England National Scenic Trail (NET).

They can hike the nearby Mount Grace and Tully Mountain, swim, boat, and fish at Sheomet Pond and Richards Reservoir, and even shop for organic produce at Chase Hill Farm. According to Canning, she expressed her fondness for being a member of the Hipcamp community.

According to the speaker, guests are exhibiting a sense of respect and integrity towards the property. Starting at $139 per night, the tipi and cabins are available yearly. On the other hand, the island shack, which starts at $75 per night, is only open seasonally.

The Hipcamp Awards celebrate the best-performing Hipcamp properties in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Several New England camps have made it to the list of the best hip camps to visit in the Northeast in 2023.

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