Bethenny Frankel Net Worth: An American Businesswoman, TV Star, and Philanthropist

American businesswoman, TV star, philanthropist, and author Bethenny Frankel. Since the show’s launch in 2008, she has starred in eight of Bravo’s thirteen seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City.

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth

Real Housewives of New York star and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel has an estimated $80 million in assets. She became wealthy through appearances on reality TV and the sale of her Skinnygirl cocktail business. Recently, she has established herself as a competent home renovator and seller.

Early Life of Bethenny Frankel

Frankel entered this world on November 4, 1970, in New York City. Her mother, Bernadette Birk, was an interior designer, and her father, Robert J. Frankel, was a horse trainer. Frankel’s father left when she was just four years old, and her mother got remarried John Parisella, also a horse trainer, when Frankel was five.

Frankel had a tumultuous upbringing, one that included frequent moves and a plethora of different schools before she finally settled into boarding school. She completed her high school education at Pine Crest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, went on to spend two years at Boston University, and finally earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology and communications from New York University.

Bethenny Frankel’s Professional Life

Frankel relocated to Los Angeles in 1992 in pursuit of her acting career. She gained connections through supporting roles in films and television shows and occupations as diverse as a nanny to Paris Hilton and personal assistant to Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer. She used these contacts to launch her first business, the event-organizing firm In Any Event, which unfortunately failed.

Bethenny Frankel’s Appearance on TV

Frankel established BethennyBakes in 2003 to meet the need for ‘healthy’ meal and baked food delivery services in New York City. In 2005, it was highlighted on the reality competition show The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, when she advanced to the finals. Frankel’s career in reality television began with her participation in this show, although the company that produced it went bankrupt in 2006.

In 2008, she was chosen to join the cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City. She originally left the show in September 2010 due to personal issues, but she came back to Real Housewives three years later in 2014. When she quit the show again in August 2019 to focus on her personal life, she gave the same reason.

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Frankel and her then-boyfriend Jason Hoppy were the subjects of the Bravo reality show Bethenny Getting Married? which documented the couple’s courtship, wedding, and subsequent parenthood of their daughter. The negotiations for her to host a show began in 2011, and by 2015, she had gotten the gig. Debuting on September 9, 2013, The Bethenny Show lasted only until its cancellation on February 14, 2014.

Gross Income of a Skinny Girl

Frankel amassed the bulk of her wealth through her role as chief executive officer of Skinnygirl Cocktails. Many books and videos have been produced by her company, such as Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting (2009), The SkinnyGirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life (2009), A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life (2011), and the novel Skinnydipping (2011). (2012). The real money, however, came in 2011 when she sold her alcohol product line to Beam Global, a division of Fortune Brands (which is now part of Suntory).

Frankel’s Skinnygirl beverage business was acquired for an estimated $120 million. The acquisition price was rumored to be $8.1 million, but this turned out to be an exaggeration. Bethenny dismissed that prediction out of hand, saying “Just chill down. It’s absurd that the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage brand in the world could have sold for so little. More than $8.1 million will be coming out of my pocket for taxes.” Skinnygirl Market Fresh Deli is a range of pre-packaged lunch meat with decreased sodium and fat levels, another product she’s released under the Skinnygirl brand.

Personal Life of Bethenny Frankel

Frankel wed Peter Sussman, an executive in the entertainment industry, in 1996, and the couple separated the following year. The episode Bethenny Getting Married? followed the couple as they planned and executed their second wedding. Frankel filed for divorce from Hoppy in January 2013. The couple wed in March 2010 and divorced in December 2012. Nearly four years after they split up, in July 2016, the divorce was formalized. However, in August 2019, Page Six reported that Hoppy and Frankel were still married legally. Hoppy and Frankel have a child together, a daughter.

Land and Buildings

Bethenny has owned and sold several luxurious properties in New York City, Greenwich, Connecticut, and the Hamptons throughout the years. The most important transactions are summarised below: In 2011, Bethenny spent $4.95 million on a loft in New York City’s Tribeca district. She reportedly went on to make modifications costing around $500,000, according to news accounts from the time. In 2016, she put the home on the market for $6.95 million and received an offer the very next day, for the full asking amount.

Bethenny spent $4.2 million to buy a two-bedroom apartment on Mercer Street in New York City in 2014. Once again, she made significant improvements. In 2016, she asked $5.25 million for the home but settled for $3.65 million in 2020. She bought a Hamptons mansion in 2015 for $2.7 million. Until this day, she has remained the only owner of the property.

She decided to invest in a second home in the Hamptons in 2017 to rent it out. In 2020, she sold the home for $2.3 million, despite having originally paid $2 million. Bethenny spent $4.2 million buying a four-bedroom condo in SoHo in 2017. Then she did some major remodeling. Bethenny put the property up for sale in December 2021, asking for just under $7 million. Have a look at this condo’s video tour! This year, Bethenny decided to move in with her fiance, Paul Bernon, who happens to work in Boston’s fashionable Back Bay area.

Buying a home in Greenwich, Connecticut for $2.1 million in 2020. Midway through the year 2020, she made a $3.3 million profit on the sale of this house. She bought a second Greenwich mansion for $1.8 million in 2020. She did some big remodeling work and then sold the house a year later for $3.5 million. For $4.5 million at the start of the year 2021, Bethenny purchased a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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