Biden seems to be claiming the title of best US president ever

Title of best US president ever: On Wednesday, President Biden called himself the greatest president in American history. “I tell you what,” said the president. “Nobody has ever done as much as this administration as a president. Period.”

Biden spoke at the White House Tribal Nations Summit, which was set to include new announcements and efforts to implement new policies that benefit Tribal communities.

The summit, held at the Department of the Interior, allows tribal leaders to meet with top U.S. officials to discuss strategies to build nation-to-nation partnerships and ensure indigenous communities survive for years to come.

Title of best US president ever

As Biden spoke during the opening day of the summit, he said he was sure to make mistakes. “Don’t be shy about telling me when I’m wrong,” he said. “I know you, and you won’t think twice.” Most Americans have always told Biden that they don’t like how he does his job. On his watch, prices for things like gas and food have gone up at a record rate.

A recent Pentagon report found that his withdrawal from Afghanistan, during which 13 Americans died and an unknown number of Afghans who had worked with the US over the years were left behind, was a propaganda gift to China. When the government left, the Taliban quickly took over. Since Biden took office, a record number of people have crossed the US-Mexico border illegally every single month.

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