Why ABC Canceled Drama Shows “Alaska Daily,” “Big Sky,” and “The Company You Keep”?

ABC has canceled the drama shows “Alaska Daily,” “Big Sky,” and “The Company You Keep”. ABC has ended the show Alaska Daily, which starred Hilary Swank, after just one season.

The news doesn’t come as a big surprise, since the first season of the show didn’t do well and didn’t attract many viewers. LeeDaily says that “Alaska Daily,” “Big Sky,” and “The Company You Keep” have all been dropped by ABC. In the “Alaska Daily” series, Hilary Swank played Eileen Fitzgerald. She was described as

“a fiercely talented and award-winning investigative journalist who leaves her high-profile New York life behind after a fall from grace to join a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage on a journey to find both personal and professional redemption.”

Jeff Perry plays Stanley Cornik, Matt Malloy plays Bob Young, Meredith Holzman plays Claire Muncy, Grace Dove plays Rosalind “Roz” Friendly, Pablo Castelblanco plays Gabriel Tovar, Ami Park plays Yuna Park, and Craig Frank plays Austin Teague.

Big Sky and Alaska Daily canceled at ABC
Big Sky and Alaska Daily canceled at ABC

McCarthy made the show, was in charge of it, and was in charge of the pilot. Executive producers were Swank, Melissa Wells, Bert Salke, Kyle Hopkins, and Ryan Binkley of the Anchorage Daily News. Peter Elkoff ran the show and was the chief producer. The name of the company was 20th Television.

The Anchorage Daily News tweeted on May 13th, “ABC has canceled the drama series ‘Alaska Daily,’ which starred Oscar winner Hilary Swank and told the fictionalized story of an Anchorage newspaper.”

The drama only ran for one season. When it was first announced in 2021, the Oscar-winning group made it a big deal for ABC to buy the show. In the series, Swank was joined by Tom McCarthy, who also won an Oscar. Nielsen Live+7 numbers through the end of April showed that 5.3 million people watched the show and that adults 18–49 gave it a 0.4 rating.

“Big Sky” ran for three seasons before it was pulled from the air. The third season of the drama show, called “Deadly Trails,” started in September on a television network. The show was based on the books by C.J. Box.

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The official summary of Season 3 says:

“Private detective Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), undersheriff Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and newly appointed sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) maintain order in Helena, Montana, with their unparalleled investigative skills. But when a local backcountry trip led by charismatic outfitter Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) goes awry, the trio faces their most formidable mystery yet – in which no camper can be trusted and where danger lurks around every jagged rock and gnarled tree.”

Denise Brisbane was played by Dedee Pfeiffer. Tonya Wallis was played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and Deputy Mo Poppernak was played by J. Anthony Pena. “Big Sky: Deadly Trails” is made by David E. Kelley, Elwood Reid, and Ross Fineman, who are the show’s executive producers.

Elwood Reid (“The Chi,” “Hawaii Five-0”) is in charge of the show and runs it. “Big Sky: Deadly Trails” is made by A+E Studios and 20th Television together. 20th TV is part of Disney Television Studios.

In a tweet, The Hollywood Reporter said that ABC had canceled Big Sky, Alaska Daily, and The Company You Keep:

Milo Ventimiglia’s first TV lead part after “This Is Us” was in the drama’s midseason premiere, which got a lot of attention for ABC. But the show didn’t get a big following when it first came out. In the Nielsen Live+7 numbers, less than 4 million people watched each episode on average until the end of April.

The sitcom, which is based on “My Fellow Citizens” on the Korean Broadcasting System, is about “con man Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma, who is unknowingly on a collision course professionally.”

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In addition to Ventimiglia, the show features Catherine Haena Kim as Emma, William Fichtner as Leo, Tim Chiou as David, Freda Foh Shen as Grace, James Saito as Joseph, Sarah Wayne Callies as Birdie, Felisha Terrell as Daphne, Polly Draper as Fran.

Julia Cohen wrote the pilot for the show and was an executive producer and co-showrunner. Phil Klemmer was also an executive producer and co-showrunner. Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff are executive producers for DiVide Pictures.

Jon M. Chu and Caitlin Foito are executive producers for Electric Somewhere, and Todd Harthan and Lindsay Goffman are executive producers for Gratitude Productions. Deanna Harris of DiVide was the director. The name of the company was 20th Television.

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