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Coming Soon on Netflix: Black Knight Release Date and Plot You Want to Know About!

A forthcoming science fiction drama, Black Knight, will adapt a well-known webcomic. This is what we know at the moment. Netflix may have a poor track record for producing live-action adaptations of Japanese media or generic Japanese programming, but its Korean dramas are almost always top-notch.

It never fails to please, whether a fluffy romantic comedy or a high-octane action flick. Netflix’s upcoming drama Black Knight is set to release soon and is meant to follow in the footsteps of the Korean drama industry’s numerous future-themed dramas and films, many of which have been met with critical praise.

So, without further ado, here is all you need to know about the upcoming thriller Black Knight.

What is Black Knight Release Date?

One of the most anticipated dystopian thrillers, Black Knight, will make its Netflix debut on May 12. The planned Korean future science-fiction drama Black Knight, written and directed by Cho Ui Seok, will star Kim Woo Bin, Esom, and Kang Yoo Seok.

The following tweet is an official announcement from Netflix announcing the May 12 release of Black Knight:

The latest Netflix trailer for the series, based on a webtoon by Lee Yoon Gyun called “Delivery Knight,” looks promising. The webcomic first appeared in 2016 and ran until 2019, although it took some time to gain traction before a live-action adaptation was announced.

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What is the Story of the Black Knight?

Here is our take on the plot of Black Knight based on the official teaser trailer just published by Netflix. The story takes place in 2071, when only one percent of the world’s population has managed to avoid extinction due to air pollution.

The new world order has instituted strict social classes. Due to the dangerous levels of air pollution, people rarely venture outside without the protection of gas masks. However, getting by is challenging without a respirator, and delivery knights risk their lives to bring them to the people.

black knight netflix release date

Sa Wol, a refugee, meets a renowned delivery knight known as “Knight 5-8,” a highly talented fighter who inspires Sa Wol to become a delivery knight so he may assist other refugees in survivingĀ in this harsh society. As he makes his way to the outposts, we see him face off against criminal lords who want to steal the respirators.

Where to Watch Black Knight Teaser and Trailer?

Black Knight’s official poster and teaser trailer have generated a lot of buzz among the movie’s devoted followers. Netflix maintained its high production standards throughout the teaser, preserving the webtoon’s distinctive style. The teaser or trailer can be watched on Youtube or Netflix itself.

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The superb cast and the blend of futuristic and dystopian elements will attract an audience as Black Knight is coming soon. Mark Black Knight Release Date May 12, not to miss out on its premiere.

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