Bladee Net Worth 2022 : Biography, Career, and More Update!

Bladee Net Worth: Bladee is a Swedish rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, model, and designer with a net worth of $1 million in the United States as of 2022. Bladee is now ready for his turn in the spotlight after over a decade in the underground scene.

The remarkable young man is more than just a rapper; he is also an amazing painter, and his distinct voice has now reached a wider audience owing to social media, notably Tik Tok. Bladee is best known as a member of the Drain Gang’s artistic collaborative music ground.

Bladee Biography

Bladee was born on April 9, 1994, in Stockholm, Sweden. His full name is Benjamin Thage Dag Reichwald, although he is best known by his stage name Bladee. Benjamin grew up in the Scan Stole district of southern Stockholm as a child. His mother used to be a school teacher, while his father used to work at neighborhood restaurants.

Benjamin knew from the beginning of his youth that he wanted to pursue a profession in the arts, but he initially planned to become a painter. In the first ten years of his life, he had almost no musical knowledge. Benjamin met a Gravity Boys member named Zak Arogundade, also known as Ecco2k when he was 11 years old. The two quickly became great friends and created the punk band Krossad, which means “crushed” in Swedish.

After forming Krossad with his best friend, Benjamin would eventually loses interest in the idea. Distancing himself from the punk culture, Benjamin returned to his first love, Fine Arts.

Bladee Net Worth

He enrolled in university after graduating from high school with the idea of majoring in photography. He had also begun to pursue his newfound interest in Graffiti.

Bladee Net Worth

Bladee Net Worth is expected to be about $1 million in 2022. He is one of the up-and-coming rappers in the Swedish music scene, and it appears that he will be among the most popular performers in the future. His career took off after he partnered with fellow Swedish rapper Yung Lean, and he has since garnered widespread acclaim in the country. His principal source of income comes from his work as an artist.

He earns a solid living through live concerts, albums, the release of new songs, and collaborations with other artists. Bladee has recently signed a contract with YEAR0001 AWAL, from which he is receiving a substantial sum. Bladee’s annual salary is around $200,000.

Bladee Career

Benjamin first made new friends in the Swedish art scene, including producer Whitearmor and MC Thaiboy Digital. White armor and Thai boy encouraged Benjamin to freestyle on some beats for fun after an awesome night of partying. By the end of the session, three-man and Ecco2k had formed the new rap group known as Gravity Boys.

After dropping out of university and drawing inspiration from rappers such as Chief Keef, Lil B, and The Beach Boys, Benjamin adopted the new moniker Bladee and began releasing new music on SoundCloud in 2011.

At that time he began posting songs under the name Ken Burns, but his professional music career started in 2012. Over the years their collective name would change from the Gravity Boys to Gravity Boys Shield Gang to Shield Ganf and now simply Drain Gang. It didn’t take long before they recognized that another group of Swedish rappers nicknamed Sad Boys was making music very similar to this.

When they discovered their styles could complement each other, Bladee approached the group, which resulted in the 2013 Yung Lean duet “Heal You / Bladerunner” on Lean’s mixtape Unknown Death 2002. This song aided in the formation of a deep friendship between the Drain Gang and the SadBoys. Bladee has gone on to greater and better things since that time.

Bladee released his debut mixtape GLUEE in 2014, which Swedish critics hailed as a summery hymn for a generation caught scrolling on Twitter. The mixtape was a tremendous hit on SoundCloud, where it received over 2 million plays and paved the way for Bladee’s debut studio album, Eversince, released in 2016.

The record has more than a whiff of futurism. The album was published in May of that year, and while the mainstream press gave it mixed reviews, the underground movement adored it.

Following the release of his second studio album “Red Light” in 2018, Bladee would evolve as a performer, transforming himself into what he refers to as “some sort of auto-tuned dark angel.”

Bladee released three projects in 2020, including two studio albums, Exeter and 333, as well as the collaborative mixtape Good Luck. He released his fourth studio album, The Fool, in 2021, which included the smash tune Hotel Breakfast. That song would immediately go viral on TikTok.

That same year, Bladee was finally able to realize his desire when he displayed his first-ever solo collaboration of paintings titled Real Sprin9 at the Residence Gallery in London. He also collaborated with the American-Swedish apparel brand GANT to create the Capsule Drain Gang collection.

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