BLXST Net Worth 2023

BLXST Net Worth 2023: The Incredible Journey of a Music Mogul

BLXST is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Los Angeles, California. His real name is Matthew Dean Burdette, but he adopted the stage name of Blxst.

The rapper has made a name for himself by blending hip-hop with R&B – switching back and forth between the two genres more seamlessly than almost any other artist out there. Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, Blxst relocated to California’s Inland Empire when he was still a kid.

After becoming isolated in his new environment, he devoted himself to music in this new place. He also learned how to produce and record music, and at 17, he started going to the studio. Hitta J3’s 2014 single “Do Yo Gudda (Remix),” which BLXST produced, brought him a lot of praise in the music business.

BLXST Net Worth

BLXST’s net worth is expected to be around $2 million in 2023. He is a rising music producer in the hip-hop game who is looking to expand his name and brand even further.

He amassed a lot of wealth through his successful career and now owns several properties across the country. As a performer, Blxst continued to build his musical legacy.

His primary source of income is from the music industry, which includes collaborations with other artists, record sales, live shows, and his work as a music producer. BLXST’s yearly income is over $250 thousand.

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BLXST Early Life

Matthew Dean Burdette was born in south central Los Angeles on September 17, 1992. During his early days in South Central, he wanted to become a professional basketball player in the NBA. Around the same time, Matthew eventually developed a passion for music.

BLXST Net Worth 2023

It all started with his mother and sister spinning Lauryn Hill’s record at home, and it was further encouraged by his uncle’s passion for the art as a former rapper himself. While growing up, Matthew was always surrounded by hip-hop.

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BLXST Career

Before he could take his music more seriously, his family broke up, and he moved with his father to a different part of California called the Inland Empire. While attending Upland High School, he developed new interests, including skateboarding.

He was becoming increasingly isolated at the time due to his father’s late-night work. So, at 16, he picked up his laptop and rediscovered his passion for music by teaching himself how to create beats. Matthew cites artists such as Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, and Pharrell Williams as significant influences.

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