Brandi Boyd Husband Max Boyd: A Rising Star in Music Production

Max Boyd, the husband of Brandi Boyd, is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and record producer. They’ve been married for 17 years now. During their time on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Brandi and her companion Max gained widespread recognition. Both of them made appearances in Season 2 and Season 3. One of the best dating reality series is Love and Hip Hop.

The two were reportedly let go from the show. Brandi and Max relocated to South Carolina, and later Moniece Slaughter said that they were financially strapped there. The reality celebrity also has film acting experience, having starred in Nora’s Hair Salon and Nora’s Hair Salon II.

Brandi’s marital problems have been front and center in the media since she appeared on Love & Hip Hop. Their love for one another has kept them together for nearly a decade despite the many challenges they’ve faced.

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Brandi Boyd Husband: Writer and Music Producer Max Boyd

Max Boyd, Brandi’s husband, is an accomplished songwriter whose credits include the hit “Love Is Blind” by Stevie Wonder. Max Boyd, better known by his stage name, Max Lux. Aside from being a musician, he has also worked as a ghostwriter for other musicians like Ray J and Marques Houston. On the track “How To Love,” Max Lux and Lil’ Wayne are a collaborative effort.

Devante Swing, T-Pain, Diggy Simmons, Trey Songz, and Flo Rida are just a few of the artists whose music he has penned. Max has a reputation as the rapper Lil Kim’s hype guy and has traveled with the artist in Africa.

Brandi Boyd Husband
Brandi Boyd Husband

After starting off as a songwriter, Boyd eventually moved into the role of a record producer. His uncle was the one who taught him the ins and outs of making records. Romeo Must Die was the title of a track he put out in 2016. Max’s TV stardom began when he was cast as a co-host on the show For the Love of Ray Jay. Max Lux is a 33-year-old man who came into the world in 1989. His special day is July 22nd.

The Marriage of Brandi and Max Had Many Highs and Lows

Musicians Brandi and Max Boyd have been married for 17 years and have two children. Their appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood introduced many people to their marital problems for the first time. Before the show aired, Max’s infidelity with his wife was already public knowledge.

The singer-songwriter was accused of not only infidelity but also of fathering a kid with another lady. As he flatly disputed the allegation and then flatly refused to submit to a paternity test, tensions between the two escalated even further.

Both partners persisted in their efforts to strengthen their relationship and their business despite the problem. They appear to be having a marital quarrel in an audio clip that the Love & Hip Hop singer posted to her Instagram in December 2020. At a later time, the pair rejected all the charges of violent behavior.

On Instagram in September of 2021, Brandi implied that she was dating no one. The TV star said she had nothing to do with the post and put an end to the speculations surrounding her. Despite the difficulties they’ve faced, the couple remains married.

Together, They’ve Raised Three Children: a Son and Two Daughters

The children of Brandi Boyd include a male, Prince Brandus Boyd, and two girls, Cadence Boyd and Sonnet Boyd. The couple’s firstborn son, Prince Brandus. He entered the world in 2013; he is now nine years old. The newlyweds welcomed little Cadence in 2019, thus she is already three years old.

Daughter number two, named Sonnet, joined the world in 2021 and is now a year old. Each parent’s social media profile has included a photo of their children.

In November of 2022, Brandi and her partner had their fourth child, a son they named Baby Lux. On March 6, 2023, sadly, the newborn baby died. Although they have been open about their son’s health concerns in the past, the couple has remained mum on the cause of his death.

Baby Lux was born early, that much is known. He needed a CPAP machine since he had trouble breathing. The parents’ Instagram memorials to their infant boy were moving.

Brandi’s Mother Raised Her Alone

Since Brandi Boyd’s father abandoned the family, she was raised by her mother alone. The Love & Hip Hop actress said her mother and grandmother reared her and her sister, Amber. The reality star’s mother is of Korean ethnicity, while her father is of African-American ancestry, making their family truly multiethnic. Brandi has chosen to withhold information about her parents.

Amber posted on Instagram that the siblings’ mom is 55 years old and that her birthday is on November 23. Boyd is also well-known for being singer Whitney Houston’s goddaughter. She has a younger sister, Amber Melvisha, by four years. We Are Immune is a jewelry line, and Amber is the president of the company.


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Frequently asked questions

How old did Brandy get pregnant?

Brandy claimed to be 23 years old, pregnant, and newly married during her last appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in March 2002. Brandy was dating music producer Robert Smith at the time. They secretly got married that summer, according to the singer who told Oprah about it.

How many kids does Brandi and Max have?

They're expecting their third child as a couple. As Boyd announced the pregnancy on Instagram over the weekend, he promised his followers, "I will never let you guys down." Listen to the pregnant mother exclaim, "my babies are so active I swear," as an ultrasound shows the baby moving around inside her womb.


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