California Declares a State of Emergency Due to a Monkeypox Outbreak!

California Governor Gavin Newsom this afternoon declared the State of Emergency regarding the spread of the Monkeypox virus. In doing so, the state joins New York City and Wisconsin, which also declared states of emergency related to the virus today.

California has recorded 786 monkeypox cases as of Thursday, most concentrated in Los Angeles and San Francisco, according to the California Department of Public Health. There have been no deaths in the state to date.

The vast majority of those infected in the state are men who have sex with men. Demographically, they are white males between the ages of 25 and 44.

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The proclamation enables Emergency Medical Services personnel to administer monkeypox vaccines that are approved by the FDA, similar to the statutory authorization recently enacted for pharmacists to administer vaccines. The state’s response to monkeypox is meant to build on learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic to deploy vaccine clinics.

Monkeypox Outbreak

“California is working quickly at all levels of government to stop the spread of monkeypox,” said Newsom. “We are using our strong testing, contact tracing, and community partnerships that were built up during the pandemic to make sure that vaccines, treatment, and outreach are focused on those most at risk.” “We’ll keep working with the federal government to get more vaccines, raise awareness about lowering risk, and stand with the LGBTQ community to fight stigmatization.”

The most common way for monkeypox to spread is through direct contact with infected sores, scabs, or body fluids. This can happen during sex or when kissing, hugging, massaging, or cuddling. Monkeypox can be spread by touching clothes and bedding that haven’t been cleaned after being used by a person with monkeypox. It can also spread through secretions from the nose and mouth when people are in close contact for a long time.

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