Catherine Reitman Lips: What Happened To Her Lips After and Before Surgery

In recent weeks, Catherine Reitman, creator, and star of the Netflix series Workin’ Moms has been making headlines—but not for her portrayal of Kate Foster on the show. Watchers of the Netflix comedy Workin’ Moms have noticed a change in Catherine Reitman’s lips. Under her cupid’s bow, her upper lip is noticeably thin, but the rest of her upper lip appears to be the appropriate size and shape. To find out if the actress had a lip enhancement, you’ll have to keep reading.

catherine reitman lips

What happened to Catherine Reitman lips?

Catherine Reitman has poked fun at her top lip in the Canadian sitcom Workin’ Moms, but she has never addressed the subject of her pout or the cyberbullying she has endured because of it in any of her interviews. The mother of two has remained silent on the cosmetic procedure for her lips thus far. She has been coy about whether or not the lips she has now are the consequence of a ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery. Several sources claim that Catherine had silicone injected into her lips by an unscrupulous plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon reportedly had assistance from the surgeon’s Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif of Botched.

The Los Angeles native allegedly got granulomas after botched plastic surgery, according to some sources. Her inability to close her mouth was attributed to a mass of tissue caused by infection, inflammation, or the presence of a foreign object, according to the reports. Some blogs have been known to link Catherine’s lips to a before and after photo from the TV show Botched, which bears a striking resemblance to Catherine. There have been reports that she had lip surgery, but she has not addressed them.

Catherine Was Teased Because of How She Looked

Catherine is currently married to Philip Sternberg, who plays her husband on the program Workin’ Moms. He plays Nathan Foster in the popular show. The native Californian has spoken up about being called things like “horse mouth” and “very awkward-looking kid” by her peers back in the day. Reitman wrote a phrase for the pilot episode of the first season of Workin’ Moms in which the protagonist’s boss mocks her because of her mouth. Catherina plays the role of Kate Foster, a stressed-out advertising executive and new mother in the sitcom. Fans and journalists alike have consistently praised her work on the show.


How Did Internet Users Feel About Catherine Reitman lips?

When a new season of Workin’ Moms airs, fans and followers of the program go to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to troll main actress Catherine Reitman over her pouty mug. I’m trying to watch Workin’ Moms, but Catherine Reitman’s top lip looks so weird it’s driving me crazy, one Twitter user said. Another asked, “What the hell happened to Catherine Reitman’s top lip?? Whenever I try to watch Workin’ Moms, I have to turn it off because that woman’s lip gives me the creeps.

Then someone another tweeted, “Working Moms is a decent show to watch but I just can’t get over how Kate’s lips cover her teeth. Even listening to her is too much for me. The user said, “I just finished seeing Working Moms, and I still can’t get Kate’s lip out of my thoughts.” I mean, what gives it that appearance? With a bare center and full lips on the outside. An individual commented, “I started working moms but the main character’s lips are driving me mad.” It’s possible that I won’t be able to take much more of her on camera, lol. What’s wrong with Kate’s lips on working moms?” said a different user. Is this the result of nature or a failed surgical procedure?

Catherine’s Fans Defended Her And Her Lips On Social Media

Some of Catherine Reitman’s supporters spoke up in her defense. Someone defended her online, saying, “I’ve always thought they’re a kind of cute quirk to her face.” Another adoring fan has noted the beauty of Catherine Reitman’s lips and smile: What’s more, she’s a fantastic performer, and Working Moms is great overall. The anticipation for the next season is killing me. You are stunning, Catherine.

To which another supporter added, “Catherine Reitman is f*cking hilarious and does not deserve to be cyber bullied by these shallow a-morons who complain her lips are hurting the program.” F*ck all you pathetic pricks. Someone tweeted, “I love your mouth (In a normal way, of course). We appreciate the badass show you put on for moms like us. Catherine’s response to the individual who tweeted “@reitcatou odd mouth but I still love you” was “I mean, I’ll take it.”

Not Even Plastic Surgery Could Help Catherine’s Postpartum Sadness

After giving birth to her son with Philip, Catherine experienced postpartum depression. She has two boys, Jackson and Liam, of whom she is justifiably proud. To combat her postpartum depression, she developed the series Workin’ Moms. Even though she was in pain, she intended to laugh it off. The 41-year-old woman wrote an essay for Glamour magazine in which she said, “By fleshing out my melancholy, exposing the quirky and hilarious angles to it, I began to realize them that I was before having my son.”

To elaborate, Catherine said, “So I committed to replaying the postpartum moments I had lived, but with one glaring change: I wrote myself as four separate people who I knew would outgrow this era.” After expressing his feelings of despair, Reitman continued, “While I felt hopelessness, ‘Kate Foster’ would endure. Wearing a skirt suit that boldly said, “I know who I am!” she was able to outwit even her darkest periods. I may be a blubbering mess at my desk, but the ladies whose words I typed would still charge forward, unafraid, to tell their stories. Your views on Catherine Reitman’s pout? Think she gets lip injections to make them look fuller? Please share your thoughts with us in the remark box.

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