Changing Urgent Care Facilities in Oregon to Meet Rising Demand

 Urgent Care Facilities: In the midst of a COVID-19, RSV, and influenza outbreak, urgent care clinics are adapting their services to meet rising demand. Employees at AFC in Oregon have reported a consistent flow of patients moving from emergency waiting rooms into urgent care clinics over the last few weeks.

Changing Urgent Care Facilities To Accommodate Rising Need

Local emergency services are working at full capacity. They must deal with not only the usual cases of heart attacks and accidents, but also with all of these other ailments, such as COVID, the flu, and other viruses that are spreading. “The lengths of time spent waiting are currently at an all-time high,” Chief Medical Officer Andrew Miller was quoted as saying.

Miller stated that there are times when his staff will diagnose a patient and then send them back to the hospital; however, this does not necessarily reduce the amount of time that a patient must wait.

Urgent Care Facilities

“We had a patient that we saw here who had a significant medical problem going on, and we quickly identified that they needed to go by ambulance to the emergency room. When we called them at the end of our shift to see how things had gone, they said it had been seven hours since the doctor had seen them,” he said. “When we called them at the beginning of our shift to see how things had gone, they said it had been seven hours before the doctor had seen them.”

Fortunately, virus researchers at Portland State University believe that the recent surge in RSV and flu cases has peaked. According to Ken Stedman, a biology professor, the most recent form of COVID-19 is the source of the current concern.

“The numbers are still relatively high and, if anything, is increasing, most notably in the remaining portions of the country. Although this is not currently the case in Oregon, it is possible that this will change in the future, according to Tedman. Miller stated that clinics are constantly making changes to accommodate the increased demand.

“We have moved our staffing around, we have hired aggressively throughout this time, we are bringing on more providers, more MAs, and more front desk employees, and we have all of our clinics open seven days a week in an effort to try and help take the load off of the ERs,” he said.

AFC is also increasing the availability of virtual appointments, with the intention of reaching a greater number of individuals in the coming weeks.

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