Charleston White Net Worth

Charleston White Net Worth: An American YouTuber, Social Media, and Entrepreneur

Charleston White Net Worth: Charleston White is a $1.5 million net worth American YouTuber, social media personality, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur from Texas. He is best known for being one of the country’s incredible content creators, and he has gained a lot of popularity through his social media appearances.

On April 22, 2020, Charleston launched his YouTube channel, The Real Charleston White. During that time, he uploaded over 1000 videos and gained over 130k subscribers. Charleston White, in addition to his success, has been involved in several charges, including being a former Texas gang member. White was imprisoned for nearly a decade after committing some serious juvenile offenses.

He has now managed to turn his life around by both sharing his story on social media and incorporating one or two controversial ideas along the way.

Charleston White Early Life

Charleston White was born in 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas, into a Christian family. His father is thought to have been a Navy officer, while his mother was a housewife. Growing up as a kid he didn’t have proper guidance and has said on multiple events that he barely knew his father at all.

Charleston White Net Worth

White is now making a good living from his various businesses, including YouTube, businesses, and some other ventures, after escaping several difficulties. Charleston White’s net worth is expected to be around $1.5 million in 2022. After being released from prison, he established a career for himself.

Charleston White Net Worth

White is one of the most dedicated people in the country, and he is also well-known in the field of motivation. His clothing line, motivational speeches, and YouTube videos are the main sources of his income. Charleston White earns more than $200k per year.

Charleston White Career Success

White founded the HYPE Youth Outreach programme in 2012 to give back to his community and share his story in order to inspire the younger generation and ensure that they do not make the same mistakes he did. He also began volunteering at the Texas Department of Juvenile Justice. White now has the chance to influence people outside of his Texas community.

He has admitted that the content he posts online, and more importantly, how he presents himself, is simply a way for him to profit from a culture that wants to monetize the types of things he used to do in his criminal enterprise days.

Charleston White Early Assets

Because he lacked a good role model in his life, he joined his local crips organization, which led him down a dark and wrong path. Charleston participated in a variety of criminal activities while a gang member, ranging from robbery to assault.

White had run away from home when he was 14 years old, spending nights at the parents of one of his associates. During that time, he and his friend began stealing anything they could. Charleston and his friend were attempting to flee the store with a jacket when a white man intervened to stop them, and Charleston shot and killed the man.

Charleston White Personal Life

When comes to Charleston White’s relationship, is a married man and currently living a luxurious lifestyle. White is quite private about his personal life so he hasn’t revealed any information about his wife or kids. According to some reports, he is a father of two kids whose names are also not known publically. He often posts pictures of his kids on his social media platforms such as Facebook.

Charleston White Legal Issues

After committing this heinous crime, White and his friend became the county’s first juveniles to be sentenced for murder under the Texas Determining Sentence Law. He was only 14 years old at the time and was sent to a Texas Youth Council lockup at the State school, where he spent the next four years. White was scheduled to be transferred to an adult facility when he turned 18 years old.

Finally, the judge in the case decided to reject the State’s recommendation that White be transferred to an adult facility and instead sided with Giddings members who believed he could be reformed. White was then transferred to a public school, where he spent the next four years of his life. When White was released from prison, he dedicated himself to learning accountability and accepting responsibility for his actions.

Charleston developed his moral sense and learned to empathise with others during this period of his life. He participated in group therapy to work on his anger in more positive ways. White was released at the age of 21 after serving seven years in prison.

Life in Prison

After being released from prison, White became emboldened by his surroundings and resumed drug trafficking. He was eventually apprehended in Oklahoma while attempting to transport 10 pounds of marijuana.

He fought back against a charge and was acquitted; he was then given the option of serving 6 months in prison boot camp or 5 years of deferred probation; he chose the latter and became determined to turn his life around for the second time. He returned to school and enrolled as a pre-law student at Texas Wesleyan University in his hometown of Fort Worth. He attended university and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

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