Chief Keef Net Worth 2022: How Much The Rap Star Is Making Money From Rapping?

Chief Keef is a rapper, record producer, and mixtape creator. Keef was a high school star as a teen. He ran afoul of the law and other youngsters his age due to his hostility. Record companies signed him as a teenager because of his musical talent. Keef was signed to Interscope before 1017 Brick Squad.

Chief Keef Net Worth 2022

Glory Boyz Entertainment, Keef’s initial firm, became Glo Gang in the 2000s. Finally Rich, Keef’s debut album, featured the top 40 hits “I Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa.” He broke the law despite his wealth. Glo Gang mixtapes contributed to Chief Keef’s success. His legal difficulties, he believes, have hampered his music career. Instead of Bang 3, Keef released Nobody in 2014.

Chief Keef Net Worth 2022

Chief Keef net worth of $1 million. Chief Keef changed rap forever. He created “mumble rap” and “drill” Keef, whose nickname is “Sosa” (from “Scarface”), has had legal and financial troubles. Due to disputes, estimating the star’s pay is tricky. While 2015 wasn’t Keef’s busiest year, defense filings and court records show he earned around $200,000.

Real Estate

Chief Keef has been evicted from multiple rentals. In 2014, he rented a property in Los Angeles’s elite Highland Park neighborhood for $11,000 monthly. Chief Keef owed $30,000 in late rent for the 5,600-square-foot estate that year. Neighbors complained about Chief Keef’s backyard gun use and the excessive number of visitors, he was evicted.

Chief Keef’s Early Life

Keith Cozart was born in Chicago on August 15, 1995, to struggling parents. His mother had him at 16; his biological father is unknown. After his uncle died, his grandmother legally adopted him and named him after him. Keef grew up in the city’s southern black community. By the time he was in school, he had a solid fan base among local high schoolers.

He made music and mixtapes with his mother’s Karaoke machine and stolen blank tapes. Chief Keef was a gifted child. He attended Dulles Elementary, Dyett High, and a therapeutic day school. Disinterested in school, he quit at 15 to focus on rapping and music.

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Career Life of Chief Keef

Chief Keef became a neighborhood and school celebrity with his 2011 mixtapes. The allegations against him resulted in house detention, but he kept making YouTube videos.

As a local celebrity, his videos were popular. Two months after Keef’s house detention, WorldStarHipHop posted a YouTube video of a toddler laughing uncontrollably at his release. It showed his growing reputation and notoriety in the profession. “I Don’t Like” was a hit in Chicago’s nightclubs and launched Keef’s career.

Kanye West remixed “I Don’t Like” featuring Pusha T and Big Sean. Keef was the most sought-after talent at big labels in 2012’s summer. Chief Keef waited for Young Jeezy to sign him to CTE World.

2012’s exam used standard tracks. Finally Rich is Keef’s debut album. 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross collaborated. Keef inked a three-album deal with Interscope Records in January 2013, launching his fictional company Glory Boyz Entertainment. Gucci Mane says Chief Keef will join 1017 Brick Squad Records midway through 2013.

Middle of 2013, he appeared on Kanye West’s album Yeezus, on the track “Hold My Liquor.” Keef released Bang pt.2 in August 2013 to mixed reviews. He began writing his third album and biopic near the end of the year. Working with his cousin Mario Hess, he released “Fuck Rehab” and its music video days later. Keef wrote the song after Mario’s death. Keef says he’ll make all his music in the future. Keef published Back from the Dead while waiting.

Shortly after, he released Big Gucci Sosa and Back from the Dead 2, both of which did well. He was praised for producing most of the film’s soundtrack. Before Bang 3, Keef released Nobody in November 2014. Kanye West’s track on the album was well-received. Chief Keef revealed The Cozart as his second studio album in early 2015.

Keef joined FilmON Music in mid-2015. He cooperated with hip-hop musicians and performed live to kill time. Keef’s fans were surprised when he retired in March 2016. After the scandal, he stayed busy, appearing in MGK’s song Young Man and releasing a mixtape in 2017.

Chief Keef’s Family and Personal Life

Chief Keef’s ex-girlfriend delivered birth when he was 16. As he had two more children, other women claimed he was their father of theirs. Keef’s unwillingness to read court materials got him in trouble. Glory Boyz Entertainment has helped Keef debut three cousins. Keef was shocked to learn that his cousin Mario Hess was assassinated due to the family’s criminal background. Keef, who lives in Los Angeles, prefers the city’s calm to New York’s tumult.

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