Citizens Leaving Residencies in Massachusetts Over Past Year: People Leaving Their Permanent Republicans

In the past year, more than half of Republican Mass. voters pondered leaving the state. Respondents cited the high expense of living in Massachusetts as a critical deterrent. More than half of all Republicans in Massachusetts, according to a recent poll, have considered leaving the state.

This week’s UMass Amherst/WCVB poll indicated that 53% of Republicans in the Bay State have considered leaving the state during the past year. Additionally, 47% of those identified as “non-affiliated” shared the same views. Overall, about 4 in 10 people in Massachusetts have given it some thought.

From March 28 until April 5, the poll was open for business. The margin of error for the survey, which surveyed 700 locals, is 4.7%. UMass Amherst political science professor and poll co-director Raymond La Raja made this claim in a press release,

“Massachusetts residents continue to contemplate moving from the state, with the top concern the high cost of living. Overall, 39% say they have considered moving in the past year, a small upward tick from six months ago when 35% said this. Moreover, it is younger people and the more educated who are more likely to think of leaving the state, groups that the state cannot afford to lose for its future.”

High living costs in the state were cited as the primary motivation for respondents to consider leaving. Following that, the most common reasons cited were people’s desire for personal change, dissatisfaction with the government, a sense of being left out, and discontent with the political system.

We won’t stop looking until we’ve uncovered all the latest details. These may be of interest to you if you find interesting information about Massachusetts in the news:

According to the survey, nearly half of all men, all young people, and all persons of color had considered leaving their current residence. The survey found that 46% of people with incomes of $40,000 or less shared the same sentiments.

Professor of Politics and Poll Co-Director Jesse Rhodes said,

“Conservatives and Republicans are minorities in Massachusetts, one of the nation’s most progressive states, and they are expressing their displeasure, huge majorities of conservatives and Republicans believe the state is on the wrong track, and majorities of both groups say they’ve contemplated leaving the state. For these groups, beliefs that taxes are too high and that policies have become too liberal are major sources of dissatisfaction.”

Nearly 20% of people polled considered their financial situation to be “poor,” the highest percentage recorded by these researchers since they first asked the question in November 2021. According to the findings, twenty-three percent of respondents have had trouble paying rent or a mortgage in the last year.

Whereas, Twenty-six percent have had difficulty paying for medical care, and twenty-eight percent have had trouble paying for food. The poll also inquired as to whether respondents thought their state and the nation as a whole were making progress.

Citizens Leaving Residencies in Massachusetts
Citizens Leaving Residencies in Massachusetts

Only 22% of respondents thought the United States was progressing, while 65% said they thought the reverse. Asked their opinion on Massachusetts’s future, 44% of residents responded positively, while 33% responded negatively.

There appears to be a partisan divide on this issue, with 65% of Democrats saying they think the state is headed correctly and 73% of Republicans feeling the opposite.

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