Citizens Varied Opinion About New Bike Lanes being added in Cambridge

Citizens Varied Opinion About New Bike Lanes being added in Cambridge: What do people Have to Say?

People in Cambridge have different ideas about the new bike lanes that are being added. A group that has been opposed to the creation of a new network of more than 20 miles of bike lanes in Cambridge claims it now has new evidence to indicate that these lanes make people less safe.

Cambridge Streets for All has submitted a request to the city requesting them to reevaluate their decision to continue installing separated bike lanes. This provision is included in the city’s Cycling Safety Ordinance, which established stringent dates and conditions for the construction of segregated bike lanes through the year 2026.

Enhanced bike lanes provide automobiles and bikers with areas of the road that are physically separated from one another. These lanes may also contain flex posts and buffer zones.

John Hanratty who studied data involving the separated bike lanes said:

“The bike lanes tend to obscure people and give them a false sense of security. Approximately a doubling, 250 percent increase in injuries. I’ve done you a favor and put the data on the table. Let’s go and figure out how we do this right.”

Hanratty, who is a member of the board of directors for Cambridge Roadways for All, examined a distance of 1.3 miles of roadways in Cambridge that have been outfitted with segregated bike lanes.

Citizens Varied Opinion About New Bike Lanes being added in Cambridge
Citizens Varied Opinion About New Bike Lanes being added in Cambridge

Portions of Massachusetts Avenue in Porter Square, North Cambridge, and Mid-Cambridge were analyzed as part of the study. Hanratty investigated the available information provided by the Cambridge Police Department.

In the region that he investigated, the number of accidents that resulted in injuries for both drivers and cyclists was stated to have climbed from 12 in 2018 to 31 in 2022. The Boston 25 News talked to a few riders in Cambridge who don’t believe it and they shared their opinions with us. The related  tweet is linked below:

On Saturday, one of them was riding his bike from Harvard Square to Lechmere when he was struck by a car and seriously injured.

Christopher Cassa said,

“In my experience, this would’ve made my trip safe. It gives a little more protection and also delineates the road more carefully and gives every single person a spot on the road.”

We will continue our search till we discover something new. Until then, here are what may be considered some of the best articles to read on Massachusetts:

Cambridge City Councilor Burhan Azeem told that he believes the separated bike lanes offer much-needed protection. According to Azeem, an evaluation of bike lanes in Cambridge was incorporated into a federal study that was carried out the previous year.

According to him, research conducted by the Federal Highway Administration discovered that separated bike lanes cut the probability of accidents involving bicycles by almost half when compared to ordinary bike lanes.

“I think we have a very professionally done analysis that shows these bike lanes are effective,” he added.

A judge in the Middlesex Superior Court rejected a complaint that had been filed about segregated bike lanes a month ago. Cambridge Streets for All was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs, who were company owners, voiced their opposition to the loss of parking spaces.

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