Coolio Net Worth 2022: An American Rapper, and Actor

Coolio Net Worth: Artis Leon Ivey Jr., better known as Coolio, was an American rapper and actor who was regarded as one of the most visible and influential rap artists of the 1990s. Coolio first appeared on the Los Angeles rap scene in the late 1980s, and he made his professional debut in 1994 with the album “It Takes a Thief.”

His single “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was featured in John N. Smith’s 1995 film Dangerous Minds, catapulted him to stardom. In 1996, the song helped him gain popularity and earned him the Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. He was also well-known for other singles such as “Fantastic Voyage” (1994), “1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)” (1996), and “C U When U Get There” (1997). (1997).

Coolio has been independently releasing records since 1996 and has also become a chef, hosting a web series called Cookin’ with Coolio and publishing a cookbook. Coolio died of a heart attack on September 28, 2022, at the age of 59, while at a friend’s house.

Coolio Early Life

On August 1, 1963, Artis Leon Ivey was born to carpenter Artis Leon Ivey Sr. and factory worker Jackie Slater. Coolio had asthma and was intelligent, studious, and well-informed, but life outside the home was difficult for him. He joined the Baby Crips street gang and wanted to project a wild and aggressive image of himself by bringing guns to school, which disrupted his studies, and he was arrested for larceny for several months.

Following high school, he attended Compton Community College, where he revived his high school rap passion, performing in contests such as ‘Coolio Iglesias.’ and on L.A.’s rap radio station, KDAY. He sought treatment for his cocaine addiction, which had harmed his burgeoning career as a rapper. He did odd jobs when he first came out, but he was determined to restart his rap career.

Coolio Net Worth

Coolio’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million in 2022. Coolio received $23,227 in annual royalties for Gangsta’s Paradise and between $134,000 and $225,000 for his 123 songs.

Coolio Net Worth

Aside from his musical earnings, Coolio has appeared in over 25 films and television shows throughout his career. Prior to the release of Gangsta’s Paradise, Coolio received widespread acclaim for his debut solo album, ‘It Takes a Thief,’ released on Tommy Boy Records.

Throughout his career, Coolio has had numerous hit singles, but none have become as well-known as Gangsta’s Paradise, which was the top single in the United States across all categories in 1995 and also topped the charts in a dozen European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Coolio also owned a number of properties around the world, as well as several expensive cars, including a 1996 Hummer H2.

Coolio Music Career

Coolio released two songs in 1987, ‘Watch Gonna Do’ and ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me.’ Four years later, he joined the band WC, and the Maad Circle. His debut solo album, ‘It Takes a Thief,’ was released in 1994, and featured the breakthrough single ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as smaller successes such as ‘County Line’ and ‘I Remember.’

In 1995, he released an album titled ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ to capitalize on the success of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise which remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 3 weeks and also was a No.1 hit in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. ‘1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New)’ and ‘Too Hot’ were two big singles from this double platinum album.

Despite having officially left the band, WC and the Maad Circle, he contributed to their second album, ‘Curb Servin’, in 1995, and was included in the track, ‘On a Twist.’ In 1996, he performed ‘It’s All the Way Live (Now)’ and ‘Hit ’em High’ on the soundtracks of two films, ‘Eddie’ and ‘Space Jam.’ In 1996, he contributed the single ‘I Breaks ‘Em Off’ to the critically acclaimed collection CD, ‘America is Dying Slowly,’ and recorded the theme song for the TV show Kenan & Kel.

His platinum-certified 1996 album, ‘My Soul,’ featured the mega-hit single ‘C U When U Get There,’ but it underperformed expectations, and his contract with Tommy Boy Records was terminated. He released four albums between 2001 and 2008, titled ‘,’ ‘El Cool Magnifico,’ ‘The Return of the Gangsta,’ and ‘Steal Hear,’ none of which charted.

He was also a regular performer at The Gathering of the Juggalos, Psychopathic Records’ annual festival. Every year, around 107,000 music fans attend the five-day event. In 2013, he announced his intention to pursue a career as a chef by auctioning off 123 of his songs. In 2014, he performed alongside Goast, Jarel, and DJ Locomotive in Ketchum, Idaho. In 2019, he appeared on the track “Escape Wagon” by Irish rap trio Versatile and later on the track “Coolio Interlude” on their 2021 album, Fuck Versatile.

Coolio Personal Life

Coolio had 10 children from relationships with several women but he hasn’t always been an ideal role model for his children. In 2013, Coolio was charged with violence after hitting his girlfriend. Coolio married Josefa Salinas in 1996, but the pair divorced in 2000.

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