Corrections Policy

This Corrections Policy explains the corrective procedures We take if We discover that some incorrect information has been published on Our Website, and how to contact us if you have any questions. In light of Our obligation to our readers, we have made the error and will notify you as soon as possible.


It is our goal at to provide our readers with accurate and thorough news reports based on all the information that is currently available. The moment we become aware of an issue on our website, we make every effort to repair it as quickly as possible. An editor’s note or a correction on Our social media accounts or an editor’s note on Our material would be a way for us to explain what went wrong and how we fixed it. Whenever a big error occurs that could potentially lead to the dissemination of disinformation, Our readers can expect an apology in a timely way.

Updating a Report

If a story has been updated, we place a notation in the story. Readers should be informed anytime We rectify a serious error in a story or alter it to reflect comments or updates from a key stakeholder by way of an editor’s note or correction. Our fact-check (which is done in accordance with our Fact-Check Policy available at [“Fact-Check Policy”), and once it comes to Our attention, We update the article accordingly and at the top of the page, We state in bold “[Correction: new Info…]” and explain the correction made. is where community members may email corrections, and at the bottom of every article, readers can suggest changes they think should be made.


Whenever a story, photo caption, headline, graphic, video, or other content is changed in a substantive way, we issue a correction to explain why.


A story is rewritten to make it more understandable if the facts are correct, but the language we used to express them isn’t as clear or precise as it should be. If We didn’t get a comment or answer from a source that has since been included to the article, or if fresh reporting has changed Our account of an event, we use a clarification to indicate this.

Editor’s Notes

An editor’s note, together with an explanation of the issues raised, may be required for a correction that calls into question the entire content of an article or poses a substantial ethical dilemma. The adding of an editor’s note to a piece requires the approval of a senior editor.

Other Corrections Policies

As soon as a reader spots an error and posts it in the comment section, our community engagement staff is able to remedy it.

On social media, if we post incorrect information, we update it there. If We are unable to correct the information, We retract it.

Reporters and editors are not held responsible for mistakes they make, such as “because of a reporting mistake” or “because of an editing mistake.”

Reporting inaccuracies

Send a message to the editorial staff by using the ‘Suggest A Correction’ form if you find an error in a story we’ve published. Email us at if you have any questions or comments.

Take-down Requests

We do not respond to take-down requests as a matter of policy. We will investigate and, if required, publish a correction if the subject claims that the story was erroneous.

When it’s only fair to provide an update or follow-up on our past reporting, we’ll do so, but we won’t go so far as to pretend the piece never existed.

Takedown requests are only considered if the individual being targeted is in immediate danger of physical harm as a result of the information being made public.