‘cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror’ on Netflix:

It’s not for the faint of heart to watch Netflix’s latest true crime documentary. Apocalyptic Internet Exposure The rise of two online sex trafficking rings in South Korea only a few years ago is the subject of Horror’s investigation. While requesting increasingly explicit and violent content, the leaders of these organizations were able to gain access to the private images and videos of their victims. It’s just the tip of the morally depraved iceberg here.

There’s a good chance that you haven’t heard of one of the most gruesome internet cases in recent memory because the Nth Room and the Doctor’s Room both targeted South Korea. Here’s everything you need to know about this chilling true crime story before you start watching it on Netflix.

What Was the Nth Room? What Was the Doctor’s Room?

The Nth Room was best described as a sexual slavery ring that took place in South Korea between 2018 and 2020. Telegram, an encrypted cloud-based instant messaging service, was used almost exclusively, and the eight groups’ names were derived from their ordinal numerals. The extortion of images and videos of themselves, many of which were violent and degrading, was used to coerce women and young girls. To target specific groups, these images would then be promoted and sold to them.

The Nth Room was as heinous as they come in terms of sexual exploitation schemes. For the most part, the group would go about its business in one of two ways. A threat of leaking personal photos and social media accounts would be made if they didn’t cooperate with them. It was even more disturbing to see the other option for recruiting. Others were enticed by job openings. To begin with, they were rewarded for simple tasks with small sums of money before the demands became more demanding. Victims were coerced into engaging in self-indulgent sexual acts or violence before long.

The Nth Room’s most heinous act, however, concerned the tracking of people’s whereabouts. These perpetrators were able to locate their victims in some cases and pursued them. During the assaults, the group would record the events on videotape.

“Good God” was the operator of the Nth Room, the first of these Telegram-based sex slavery rings to appear. Almost exactly a year after the first copycat user appeared in 2019, another appeared. His group was dubbed the “Doctor’s Room,” and he was referred to as such. This user would post part-time jobs on Twitter and use applicants’ personal information to track them down and blackmail them. An estimated 260,000 people paid as much as £1,200 to gain access to this pornography, according to this estimate. More than 100 women and 26 minors were enslaved as a result of this crime ring’s activities.

Cyber Hell Exposing an Internet Horror
Cyber Hell Exposing an Internet Horror

How Did Authorities Learn About the Nth Room and the Doctor’s Room?

The media and regular citizens deserve a lot of the credit for bringing this case to light. These child porn groups were reported by several men, but the authorities did not take action at first. Is it possible that they were unable to comprehend what was going on or that they didn’t believe these reports?

Telegram has been accused of distributing child pornography by two South Korean publications, the Seoul Shinmun and the Sisa Journal. Electronic Times first reported on Nth Room in August of this year, but it was not the first. As a result of the story, an online petition signed by more than 5 million people called for the police to publicly identify the Doctor.

The question is, if (he) isn’t a devil, who else is? … (He) should pose for a picture with his bare face in front of the camera. People who don’t care about other people’s humiliation don’t have the right to human rights, according to a petition.

Who Was Arrested for the Nth Room and the Doctor’s Room?

Fortunately, the two most high-profile suspects in this sex ring investigation were arrested. There is, of course, God. God mocked the police before his arrest, claiming that they couldn’t charge him because he never used his phone and only used gift vouchers that couldn’t be tracked. He was incorrect in that regard. Moon Hyung-wook was sentenced to 34 years in prison in April of 2021.

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The Doctor was the final piece of the puzzle. Cho Joo-bin was revealed to be the Doctor in March of 2020. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison for blackmail and sexual harassment. In addition to these well-known figures, Mr. Jeon was detained for his role as the “Watchman,” the user dubbed by the Nth Room community as the person responsible for popularising the Nth Room. Mr. Jeon was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for his crimes. Nth Room operator Mr. Shin, who took over the organization from God God, was given a year to prove his abilities.

All of the criminals responsible for the Nth Room and Doctor’s Room have yet to be apprehended. In both cases, the groups had a system of administrators, harassers, recruiters, and blackmailers in place to keep them running. People who bought child porn from these groups aren’t even mentioned. At the very least, the two most prominent figures in this criminal case are now behind bars.

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