Daddy Yankee Wife: From High School Sweethearts to Music Industry Power Couple!

The CEO and manager of Daddy Yankee’s record label, El Carted Records, is Mireddys Gonzalez, also known as Mireddys González Castellanos. Her husband is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Puerto Rico. Gonzalez and the King of Reggaeton have been married for nearly 30 years and have three kids together.

Find out how much Mireddyss contributed to her husband’s career conquering the charts. Along the way, she read about her job, Gonzalez’s personal life, the Despacito singer’s marriage, and other topics. So, who is the queen of the reggaeton king? For more information on Mireddys González, Daddy Yankee’s wife, continue reading.

Daddy Yankee Wife

González and Yankee have been together since they were 17 and are the parents of three kids. While still in their late teens, the enduring couple tied the knot in March 1994. Mireddys and Ayala allegedly began dating while still in high school. This was even before Yankee’s musical career began.

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In 2023, she will be 46 years old. When does Mireddys Gonzalez turn a year old? Every year, she has a birthday party on January 19. Capricorn is her horoscope sign. González acknowledged having “mixed feelings” in March 2022 when Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from music. She captioned the video of her husband’s announcement in Spanish,

“Today I have mixed feelings, I am HAPPY and SAD!!!! It is ironic that on a day like today, March 20, as we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I hear you tell the WORLD that you are retiring from MUSIC that has been your passion for these last three decades. Soon it’s your turn to say goodbye to the stage. You’ve enjoyed Daddy Yankee for so long, but now it’s up to Raymond Ayala to enjoy what he’s built.”

She said, “Sometimes endings are the beginning of great things.”


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Who Is Mireddys Gonzalez?

She is a successful businesswoman as well as a manager of music. Her initial line of work was managing musicians. She has been the CEO and manager of El Cartel Records, her husband’s record label, since 2001. That business was founded in 1997 by her spouse. She became much more well-known after getting married to Daddy Yankee.

Rapper, musician, and record producer Ramon Luis Rodriguez, also known as Daddy Yankee, is well-known. Gasolina, Rompe, Limbo, and Dura are some of his best-known songs. He has worked with well-known musicians like Nicky Jam, Tony Touch, and Young Buck.

Daddy Yankee Wife

She runs a business. Through her Instagram account, she also promotes cosmetics. The wife of Daddy Yankee is an advocate for healthy eating and physical exercise. She publishes articles on staying healthy and losing weight on her Instagram.

In June 1996, González and Daddy Yankee welcomed their daughter Jesaaelys. Jesaaelys has frequently expressed her thanks to her parents. Jesaaelys expressed her gratitude to God for her parents’ example, writing in an Instagram post to mark their anniversary in 2020,

“I am so thankful to GOD for having exemplary parents like you who always taught us the most important things in life like values, respect, always have GOD present in everything, and always be grateful for everything we have.”

Jeremy was born to the couple in May 1998. On the occasion of her youngest child’s 17th birthday in 2015, Gonzàlez posted a collage of pictures of him with the caption: “Happy Bday 🎂 for my 17-year-old baby who is having his BIRTHDAY today 🎈🎁🎊🎉…. May God always take care of you and give you lots of health!!!.”


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