Top 7 Moments of Damon Elena Together Seen In The Vampire Diaries

One of the most popular and shippable couples on The Vampire Diaries was Damon and Elena.

Damon Elena Together


Take a look back at Delena’s crowning achievements. Arguably the most important plot point of the series was Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore’s epic relationship. There’s no denying that Elena and Damon had an extraordinary romance. Throughout their time together on The Vampire Diaries, the two had many heartfelt and passionate exchanges, which inspired many viewers to become die-hard Delena. shippers. In the first season, Damon and Elena are introduced and quickly drawn into a love triangle with Damon’s brother, Stefan. But in the end, Elena makes her decision about Damon, and the two are reunited in the series finale.

Just a Brief Sitting on the Couch

Damon Elena Together

An ordinary romance between Elena and Damon is out of the question. The show does give them opportunities to have some quiet time on occasion. As an example, consider the third episode of the fifth season. Elena and Damon are sitting on the couch in the Salvatores’ living room as the episode begins.

They’re holding each other close to the fire and enjoying the moment, but Damon’s observation that something will inevitably interrupt them serves as a sobering reminder. Silas’s entrance broke the tranquility, although it had been pleasant while it lasted, showing a glimpse of their romance’s more innocent beginnings.

Damon Tells Elena, “You Are My Life”

Damon Elena Together

Episode 3 of Season 5 sees the tension between Silas, Stefan, Katherine, and Tessa reach a new high. Damon and Elena rescue Stefan from Tessa and return him to the Salvatore home, but not before they share a heartbreaking and sad moment. It was predicted to Damon that he and his double would eventually fall in love.

As a result, Damon told Elena their relationship was hopeless. When Elena reassures him, Damon promises there will be no cosmic or divine interference in their relationship. In a stammer, he says that Elean means everything to him.

As They Made Their Way to Denver

Damon Elena Together

There was an immediate attraction between Damon and Elena, and everyone assumed that Elena would eventually reveal her emotions to Stefan’s brother. Damon and Elena hit the road in “Heart of Darkness,” episode 3, to find Jeremy. Elena gives in to her desires, and she and the elder Salvatore engage in a passionate makeout session.

Perhaps the first time Delena experienced a passionate kiss was here. In the first season, Damon wrongly kissed Katherine, thinking she was Elena, and in the second, Elena kissed Damon tentatively out of fear that he might die from a werewolf bite, but there was nothing dubious about this kiss.

An Elena and Damon Porch Kiss Together

Damon Elena Together

Damon struggles with conflicting emotions as his desire to be a good brother and his feelings for Elena clash. Stefan intervenes in their attempt to assassinate Klaus in Season 3 Episode 10 so that Damon can live. Damon admits to Elena on her porch that he has no remorse for wanting her because of what Stefan did for him.

Damon is heartbroken because of how he feels about her, and then the most terrifying thing happens. As he leans in for a passionate kiss on Elena, Damon says, “If I’m going to feel guilty, I’ll feel bad about this.” Fans went wild over the one when Damon kisses her and then glances into her eyes as he bids her goodbye.

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Damon and Elena Share Their First Night of Sleep

Damon Elena Together

Even though Elena kisses Damon in the third season, she ends up choosing Stefan as her true love in the series finale. The doppelganger changes his mind in the fourth season. As Elena learns to live as a vampire, she forms a close bond with Damon. After Elena ends things with Stefan in “My Brother’s Keeper,” the two finally get to sleep together.

In this episode, she makes the first of many decisions favoring Damon over Stefan. After four seasons of anticipation, Delena fans finally got their wish when Elena and Damon became together.

The Miss Mystic Falls Pageant Dance of Elena and Damon

Damon Elena Together

Delena’s first dance during the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant in the first season was one of her first truly emotional experiences. After Stefan gives in to his bloodlust again, Damon steps in as Elena’s date and takes her dancing.

Delena didn’t end with this dance; in the season 6 finale, Elena and Damon danced once more as they said goodbye. In both scenes, the actors can’t take their gaze off of each other, a sure sign of strong chemistry between them. Damon’s support for Elena at a crucial time is crucial.

They Met Again During Their High School Graduation

Damon Elena Together

In season 4, Damon and Elena get together, although their romance isn’t without its bumps. When the residents of Mystic Falls learn that Elena is Damon’s biological daughter, they are forced to obey the vampire’s every order. This nearly puts an end to their romance because Damon doesn’t believe Elena’s sentiments are real.
After the doppelgänger turns Elena’s humanity off and breaks the sire tie, Damon figures she’ll leave him for Stefan. But in the season finale, “Graduation,” she reconciles with Damon and admits that her feelings for him are genuine.

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