Accidental Death of Gavin Escobar Former Dallas Cowboys While Rock Climbing

Death of Gavin Escobar

On Wednesday, the death of Gavin Escobar, who had played defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys from 2013 to 2016, was one of two people who passed away after being involved in a rock-climbing mishap.  During an effort by the Riverside County Fire Department to perform a rescue, the bodies of Escobar, age 31, and Chelsea Walsh, age 33, were discovered.

The department reported that firefighters attempted to hike to the site of the casualties, but by the time they reached the climbers, Escobar and Walsh had already passed away.

They were discovered in a distant location within the San Bernardino National Forest next to Tahquitz Rock. According to the officials, they were scaling a rock face. According to Escobar’s mother, who spoke to WFAA about her son, “He was a wonderful parent, husband, and son.”Simply brokenhearted at now” Escobar attended San Diego State University before being selected by the Cowboys in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He participated in 62 games and made 30 receptions, scoring 8 touchdowns with his catches.

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