All 17 Death Sentences In Oregon Have Been Commuted By The Governor

Death Sentences In Oregon: Democratic governor Kate Brown has commuted the sentences of all 17 inmates on Oregon’s death row to life in prison without the possibility of parole. She claimed she was exercising her executive authority because she believed the death penalty was unjust, despite the fact that she had less than a month left in office.

All 17 Death Sentences In Oregon Have Been Commuted By The Governor

Although Oregon is one of 27 states that allow the death penalty, no one has been executed there since 1997. Republicans in the western United States condemned Ms. Brown’s directive.

On Wednesday, it will become effective. She said in a statement that she was taking this action because the death sentence is “immoral,” not because these criminals had been rehabilitated. “It is an irrevocable punishment that does not allow for correction, is a waste of public resources, does not make communities safer, and cannot be administered fairly and equitably and never has done,” she added.

Ms. Brown has used her clemency powers more than any other former governor of Oregon, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. According to her administration, she is the sixth US governor in the previous 50 years to commute all death sentences in a state.

Death Sentences In Oregon

On Tuesday, Republican Tim Knopp, the leader of the Oregon State Senate, criticised her strategy. “Did Oregonians vote to abolish the death penalty?” he inquired. “I don’t recall that happening.”

“Brown continues to belittle victims of the most serious crimes even in the dying days of her office,” he said. Because the death penalty is guaranteed by Oregon law, a subsequent governor may decide to reinstate it.

Tina Kotek, a Democrat who will take Ms. Brown’s place, has said that she is against the death sentence because of her religious convictions. The Death Penalty Information Center reports that seventeen persons have been put to death in the United States in 2022.

According to a survey conducted earlier this year, Ms. Brown has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the US.

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