Dell Curry Net Worth

Dell Curry Net Worth 2022: Biography, Career, and Personal Life!

Dell Curry Net Worth: Dell Curry is a former American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $8 million. His full name is Wardell Stephen ‘Dell’ Curry who is a well-known player who played basketball in the National Basketball Association, abbreviated as NBA. He played from 1986 till 2004 and then retired from the game. Post-retirement Dell Curry went on to be an assistant coach and also started his career as a sports commentator.

Dell Curry Biography

Dell Curry was born on 25 July 1964 in Virginia, USA. As of 2021, he is about 57 years of age. He went on to complete his education at the Fort Defiance High School. There are no details about his parents available however, he has four siblings. From his school days, he was said to be a natural athlete. He preferred sports to school. Curry was named the McDonald’s All-American in 1982. He received his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech.

Dell Curry Net Worth

Dell Curry’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million in 2022. His primary sources of income are his basketball playing and coaching careers, and his current annual income is around $500,000.

He is also a commentator and the owner of a Montessori school and a non-profit organization, all of which contribute to his wealth. He made headlines following his divorce from Sonya Curry. He had made it public that she had cheated on him. Dell Curry has also received numerous awards.

Dell Curry Career

Although he represented his state at various national-level games, Dell Curry was first signed in for the 1986 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz. The next season he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and then went on to play for the Charlotte Hornets. While playing for the hornets he had a major role in many of their victories as a team. He then went on to play for the Milwaukee Bucks for one season.

Dell Curry Net Worth

His last three years as a player was spent playing for the Toronto Raptors team. Post his career as a player he went on to be the assistant coach of the Charlotte Hornets and in the year 2009, he started working as a commentator for the Charlotte Hornets. He was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. In the year 2016, he was given the Bobby Jones Award.

Dell Curry Personal Life

Dell Curry is a well-known player in his own right. He is also the father of two famous NBA players, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. He stands about 6’5 feet tall and is a Christian. In 1988, he married his college sweetheart, Sonya Curry. The couple called it quits on their 33-year relationship, and Dell went on to publicly accuse Sonya of cheating on him. In 2011. In the interim, he was said to have been married to Ayesha Curry.

Wealth Dependency

Dell Curry made most of his money as a basketball player and as a coach. He also makes money as a commentator for the Hornets. In the history of the Hornets team, he is said to be the highest scorer of all time. The team paid him good money when he signed up for a contract with them. He was signed up for a contract for about $3 million by the Charlotte Hornets. His Christian Montessori School situated in North Carolina also is a good source of income for him.

He has also established a non-profit organization that tries to provide relief to youth under drug abuse and rehabilitate them. He has also done various endorsements with various brands which pay him big money. Further, he is also said to own a luxurious extravagant mansion and has a collection of fancy cars.


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