Die Hard 6: Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date Status and Latest Details!

Die Hard, the 1988 action picture, marked its 30th anniversary this year. Even three decades later, John McClane’s wild night at Nakatomi Plaza remains one of the best in the genre—and the picture that started Bruce Willis’ career. As a result, it’s only fair that Die Hard 6 arrives 30 years after the first film.

Even after five films, the most recent of which was A Good Day to Die Hard in 2013, there has been much speculation about a possible sixth installment, but no one at any film studio has been able to make it happen. Those were the days.

In recent interviews, Willis has mentioned the picture, and director Len Wiseman has claimed that filming will begin as soon as the script is ready, telling Slashfilm that the next Die Hard will “happen fairly soon.”
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Officially, Die Hard 6 will not be made

There was much excitement among fans when a little teaser teased Bruce Willis’ return to the Die Hard series in mid-October 2020. That it was the prelude to a battery commercial themed after Die Hard was unfortunate. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has revealed that the Fox-Disney merger has caused a planned sixth installment, simply titled McClane, to be shelved. Di Bonaventura told Polygon that the idea was “not happening” and that it was “dead in the sea.”

Details on the plot of Die Hard 6

There is, however, promise for fans of the franchise who are searching for something new. Di Bonaventura went on to emphasize that he doesn’t know what the intentions are for a hypothetical sequel or prequel to Snake Eyes.

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If Disney decides to bring the property back, the producer has disclosed his intentions for the sixth chapter You got to meet a young John McClane and see him with Bruce; you got to see the good and the bad in him. Surprisingly, the producer also remarked frankly on the film’s subject matter, adding, “It was a movie that wasn’t Die Hard at the time but morphed into Die Hard later.”

The cast of Die Hard 6

The only confirmed cast member slated to return was Bruce Willis as present John McClane when Die Hard 6, or McClane, was mentioned publicly before being cancelled. With Bonnie Bedelia’s ex-wife Holly in the plans, one would expect she’d return to reprise her part, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stated an interest in resuming her role as Lucy, John, and Holly’s kid. However, now that preparations for Die Hard 6 have fallen through, fans of Willis, Winstead, and other potential cast members may focus on their other confirmed projects.

‘Die Hard 6’: When will it be released?

This film has no scheduled release date as of yet. The picture is still under development, and we all know how long action movies take to shoot and even longer to finish in post-production.

The present Coronavirus pandemic is unlikely to help things move forward any time soon.
Following the release of A Good Day To Die Hard in theatres in 2013, Fox Studios began preparing the sixth sequel, probably in response to the film’s dismal critical reception.

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However, a Die Hard 6 has been in the works since 2017, with the film concentrating on both the young and present-day John, as well as bringing back his ex-wife Holly.

Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, the production for a theatrical release was unexpectedly cancelled in August 2019.

However, in the summer of 2019, speculations appeared that Disney was developing McClane as a streaming series, which would probably air on Disney+ or Hulu.

Die Hard 6:  Trailer – Bruce Willis (Fan Made)

Final Lines:

Wiseman, the film’s director, previously directed Live Free Or Die Hard in 2007. A Good Day To Die Hard, John Moore’s awful sixth film, did much worse with moviegoers (making close to $390 million worldwide) despite being rated PG-13.

We’re crossing our fingers that the new movie does well with reviewers and becomes a box office hit. There is currently no release date specified for this film. We’ll keep you updated as fresh information about ‘Die Hard 6’ becomes available.

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