Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth: An American Co-Founder of Red Bull

Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian business magnate who was born on May 20, 1944, is worth an estimated $20 billion. He helped start Red Bull GmbH and now owns 49% of the company.

Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth

Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth

Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz net worth is $20 billion. He is widely recognized as the co-founder of Red Bull, a global leader in the energy drink industry. Motorsports are another passion of Dietrich’s, and he has poured millions of his own money into numerous Red Bull teams, including two F1 squads. Moreover, he is the owner of the RB Leipzig soccer team, one of the most successful in Germany.

Last 5 Years’ Net Worth Trend

 Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2022

$20 billion

 Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2021

$18 billion

 Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2020

$16 billion

 Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2019

$14 billion

 Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth in 2018

$12 billion

Biography of Dietrich Mateschitz

Mateschitz was born to parents of Austro-Slovene descent on May 20, 1944, in Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Styria, Austria. His mother and father both come from the region of Styria. His paternal ancestors hail from the Maribor region of Lower Styria, even though his father was born in Gross Gerau, Germany (today in Slovenia). When he was young, his parents, both elementary school teachers, divorced. Mateschitz spent his formative years at home with his mom.

Career & Professional Life

Dietrich started his career in marketing after graduating from college, working for businesses like Unilever and Blendax. There was a time when he worked on advertising for things like toothpaste and washing powder. Because of the nature of his work, he was frequently dispatched to other countries, and Thailand was one of his stops. It was during one of his trips to Thailand that he first tried Krating Daeng. Dietrich discovered that taking what was advertised as a “hangover cure” helped him adjust to time zone differences. In 1984, he tracked down the drink’s creator, a duck farmer in Thailand named Chaleo Yoovidhya. In 1987, the two of them started the company Red Bull GmbH, and their product, an energy drink, immediately became a global phenomenon.

Dietrich, a savvy marketer, directed the company’s iconic rebranding effort in the 1990s and beyond. Red Bull became synonymous with many different sporting events and its catchy phrase “Red Bull gives you wings” spread around the globe. In the 2010s, Red Bull became the first major beverage company to support electronic sports. The implication is that Red Bull aids elite athletes in reaching the peak levels of mental and physical performance required for championship play. Mateschitz’s involvement in Formula One racing has been notable.

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After parting in ties with the Sauber racing team in 2001, the company moved on to acquire the Jaguar racing team the following year. It was after Dietrich rebranded the team as Red Bull Racing that they began to make waves in the F1 community. The racing team Minardi was rebranded as Scuderia Toro Rosso after he bought it in 2005. It took Sebastian Vettel five years, but Mateschitz finally won the Constructors’ Championship and Drivers’ Championship. They won both championships for the next three years in a row (2011, 2012, and 2013).

Dietrich also acquired the A1-racing circuit in 2004 and renamed it the Red Bull Ring. The Austrian Grand Prix is held at this track annually. In 2005, he bought the Austrian soccer club SV Austria Salzburg and rebranded it as Red Bull Salzburg. Afterward, he rebranded the American soccer club MetroStars as the New York Red Bulls under his ownership. The German club RB Leipzig, a soccer team, was his second acquisition in 2009.

Real Estate Work

Dietrich is well known for being the proud owner of his private island, which he acquired from fellow billionaire Malcolm Forbes back in 2003. Once Mateschitz had acquired the island, he developed it into a luxurious retreat for a select clientele. The island is home to coral reefs, white sand beaches, lush woods, and towering volcanic peaks. You can go deep sea fishing, go horseback riding, take a culinary lesson, play golf, get a massage, and do a lot of other fun things while you’re here. Taking a trip in Dietrich’s DeepFlight Super Falcon submarine, which costs $1.5 million, is probably the highlight. Pricing begins at $4,800 per night.

To speak on a more personal note, Dietrich has been on a quest to purchase real estate in the Austrian Alps for the past many decades. He has spent less than a million dollars on several castles and villas so far, including an Art Nouveau inn from 1908 and a tavern from 1603. He spent a fortune restoring and upgrading these buildings after purchasing them. Dietrich has been lauded for using his own money to restore exquisite castles and villas from the past, unlike his private island, which is for profit.

It was reported in 2020 that Mateschitz had been unsuccessful in his attempt to purchase a 1,300-acre, Medieval-era hunting estate in Austria from fellow billionaire Rene Benko, who had offered $35.8 million for the site. There are several wooded acres on this property, as well as a tiny chapel that dates back to the 1300s.

Ownership Structure of Red Bull

The majority stake in Red Bull is held by Dietrich Mateschitz. Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhy, who passed away in 2012, co-founded the company, with Mateschitz investing $500,000 and taking a 49% interest. Red Bull earned $6.6 billion in 2016. In 2012, Mateschitz earned a $97 million dividend and gave away $92 million. A total of 550 million euros were distributed to the company’s founders in 2020. This included the heirs of the Thai duck farmer who created the original energy drink in the 1970s. Red Bull has seen enormous development in markets like India, Brazil, and Africa, where they have sold a combined 1.5 billion additional cans in the past few years, for a total of 7.5 billion cans sold worldwide.

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