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Digga D Net Worth: How He Became One of UK Richest Rappers?

Digga D Net Worth

Digga D Net Worth

Rhys Herbert, known professionally as Digga D, is a British rapper and songwriter. He is among the most well-known and talented drill artists in the United Kingdom. He is also widely regarded as one of the forefathers of the UK drill, and he rose to prominence as a member of the UK drills collective 1011, later renamed CGM.

He released some tracks that drew the attention of everyone, including the local police force, resulting in a Criminal Behaviour Order. Digga D was imprisoned three times before the age of 20. In this article, we will cover Digga D net worth, his early life, and his career.

Digga D Net Worth

Digga D Net Worth is estimated to be $3 million US in 2023. He is a rising rapper in the United Kingdom who has gained popularity through his music. Digga D’s monthly income exceeds 20,000 dollars. He has made much money in the music industry through album sales, songwriting, and live performances.

He is also making a reasonable sum of money from his contract with the label CGM Records and his YouTube channel, where he gets millions of views. Digga D’s annual income is over $150,000.

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Digga D Early Life

Rhys Herbert was born on June 29, 2000, in Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, United Kingdom. He fell in love with Jamaican reggae and dancehall music while growing up and listening to it. He began writing lyrics at the age of 12.

He went to the local high school and was arrested for cannabis possession when he was eight. Aside from that, Digga hasn’t revealed anything about his parents or siblings on social media. When it comes to Digga D’s girlfriend, he is dating Instagram star, Mya Mills.

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Digga D Career

Digga D founded the UK drill group 1011 in 2015, along with his local youth club in Ladbroke Grove. In 2016, the band 1011 released several singles, including “Play for the Pagans,” “Kill Confirmed,” and others. One of his singles, “No Hook,” went viral, attracting the attention of Bills, Digga’s manager, who quickly contacted him.

Digga D comment in her tweet:-

Digga D performed a freestyle for Mixtape Madness on November 30, 2017, which was certified ‘Silver’ by the BPI in 2019. He released his debut mixtape, Double Tap Diaries, in May 2019, and one of the singles, ‘No Diet,’ went viral and peaked at #20 on the UK Singles Chart. On YouTube, the music video for No Diet has received over 25 million views.

In July 2020, Digga D released the hit single  “Woi,” which earned him a lot of recognition, and it was also nominated for “Song of the Year” at the MOBO Awards. On 26 February 2021, He dropped his second mixtape called ‘Made in the Pyrex,’ which peaked at #3 on the UK Albums Chart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Digga D?

Digga D was born on June 29, 2000, in Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, He is 22 years old as of 2023.

How much does Digga D make in a year?

Digga D’s annual income is over $150,000.

What is the worth of Digga D?

As of 2023, Digga D Net Worth is roughly $3 million US.


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