Chrome Dino Game: Didn’t You Know Its Secret, Too?

When your Internet connection goes down, do you feel like a caveman? While you’re waiting for your Internet connection to re-establish itself, Google provides a fun distraction: It’s a Chrome dinosaur game!

Playing this game without an Internet connection is its greatest advantage. It’s a simple Chrome browser-based endless runner game. An adorable T-Rex dinosaur trots through an ancient desert as the show’s central character. To avoid cacti and pterodactyls, of course, is the goal of the dinosaur game. When you first start the game, you may think it’s easy, but as you progress, the game’s difficulty will quickly rise.

How To Play Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game?

Chrome can be used to play the game on both a computer and a mobile device. The simplest way to start the game is to press the spacebar when the black dinosaur appears in your browser, indicating that there is no Internet connection. It is also possible to jump over obstacles using the spacebar. To dodge an attack, press the down arrow. Just tap the Chrome Dino to get started and avoid obstacles if you’re on a mobile device.

dinosaur game
dinosaur game

The goal is to remain alive for the longest time possible. After reaching certain milestones, the background color will change from light to dark (the transition between day and night). Once you fail to avoid the next obstacle or the Internet signal returns, the T-Rex game will end.

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How was the game invented?

Sebastien Gabriel, a Chrome developer, claims that their no internet game is a nod to the prehistoric eras, millions of years before the technological boom. Also, Google browser error illustrations are referenced in the game’s pixel art style.

T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan was the inspiration for “Project Bolan,” the name given to Chrome’s dinosaur offline game. Engineers considered giving Dino more abilities like roaring and kicking but decided against it because they wanted to keep the game as “prehistoric” as possible.

T-Rex was first released in September 2014, but it was only fully completed by Google developers in December of that year because earlier Android OS versions didn’t support it.

It’s now possible to enjoy Chrome Dino playtime without having to turn Airplane Mode on or disconnect your Internet connection. To play Chrome:/Dino in a full window, simply type “chrome:/dino” into your browser’s address bar.

As long as 17 million years, according to the authors, this game could last – during which time the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs lived on Earth!

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